Coding classes and events in Toowoomba

coding classes toowoomba
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Got a budding Bill Gates? A seven-year-old Steve Jobs? Are you looking for coding classes Toowoomba? Get your 0’s and 1’s in order and away we go!

Coding classes Toowoomba

If you’ve got a lover of all things tech and you want to encourage their passion, coding classes Toowoomba style are a fantastic idea. They’ll learn about what they love in a supportive environment and feel like they belong! Here are some great places to get them started on their fantastic journey through cyber space.

Coderdojo Toowoomba

This is a world-wide movement! It’s volunteer led by (accredited and background checked) adults with a real love and passion for the digital world. Coderdojo allows kids to grow their confidence in a supported space. From creating small games to building websites – something for all levels and ages here!

You can go to the Coderdojo website and subscribe to their mailing list to find out more. They often hold FREE events for Toowoomba families. Awesome!

School based tech initiatives

The rise of the Digital Revolution under Kevin Rudd and subsequent Prime Ministers ensured that digital literacy was at the forefront of a lot of school progress and process. Your child’s teacher will have links in their professional networks to coding initiatives, camps and online courses that your child can attend or sign up to.

While there aren’t a lot of ‘on ground’ coding classes Toowoomba, there is access to an absolute terrabyte of online and digital resources for interested children. Make your voice, and your child’s voice, heard at your local school to ensure their interests are represented.

Coding classes Toowoomba

There aren’t as many resources in Toowoomba when compared to capital cities but this is a growth area! If you have access to any information that we’ve missed please let us know so we can add it our list.

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  1. Rajendra Neupane says:

    Looking for on ground direct coding class (not online) in Toowoomba.

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