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Review – Fly, fly away with Circus Arts Trapeze

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If your kids are always on the lookout for their next thrill but you are tired of theme parks, it’s time to put Circus Arts flying trapeze on your radar. It’s not just for the kids – anyone from ages 5-65 can take their chance to run away to the circus.

Circus Arts Trapeze woman and child hold up certificates in front of trapeze rig

Vivienne with her 14yo niece (L) and 11yo daughter (R) all enjoyed flying on the trapeze

Want a thrill without the hassle of a theme park? Try flying trapeze!

Flying trapeze takes you up 9 meters and sends you out to swing like a bird. The feeling is unbelievable. This is an activity with a real ‘wow factor’, both when you are up there (seemingly defying gravity), as well as when you tell the tale to your disbelieving friends!

It is suitably scary (even getting up the ladder is a challenge) but you don’t need to be fit or strong, and it is incredibly safe. You are roped into a harness that allows a circus coach to help control your movements and slow your fall down to the safety net.

Circus Arts Trapeze young girl swinging on trapeze against blue sky

Circus Arts Trapeze girl upside down on trapeze swing outside over nets
Circus Arts Trapeze girl is swinging on trapeze over nets outside

All photos provided by Matthew Wakefield

Where can I try Circus Arts Trapeze?

Byron Bay is currently hosting a ‘pop-up’ outdoor flying trapeze rig, which will be there until 12 February, 2017. The rig is in Denning Park, just back from the beach, so is also a great activity as part of a day out in Byron.

Dubbed PARK&FLY, this is the place if you want only a small taste of trapeze as you can book in for just one go (a ‘single swing’ in trapeze terms). This is an affordable ($20) and smaller commitment (10 minutes) way of being able to boast that you are a flying trapeze star!

If you’re keen on more, you can do a whole lesson (1.5 hours, $66) which gives you five swings, including the chance to ‘make a catch’ – just like they do in real circuses! Amazingly, the majority of first timers manage to do a ‘knee hang’ trick and then make a catch within their first lesson.

Circus Arts Trapeze dusk image of children learning trapeze outside Circus Arts Trapeze young girl reaching out to be caught by instructor while swinging on trapze Circus Arts Trapeze young girl reaching out to be caught by instructor while swinging on trapze Circus Arts Trapeze young girl swinging on trapeze against blue sky

Circus Arts Trapeze is no longer on the Gold Coast

The Nerang location has permanently closed.

Whichever location or level of commitment suits you, I suspect your kids will love flying trapeze and I highly recommend you have a go along with them. Why do I say that? I tried a one-off swing a year ago (it was equally terrifying and amazing) and loved it so much that I am about to sign up for my fourth term of lessons!

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