Charlotte’s Web at the Brisbane Arts Theatre Review

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Here at Families Magazine – Brisbane we are very lucky to get to review and enjoy a number of family friendly events around Brisbane but I have to say that to date, Charlotte’s Web at the Brisbane Arts Theatre has easily been my favourite!


E. B. White’s beloved childhood classic, Charlotte’s Web is creatively brought to life by on stage by a talented group of both adult and child actors at the Brisbane Arts Theatre for a limited time. We visited the ‘Opening Show’ with Miss 3, Master 5 and Master 7. We’ve always enjoyed the shows we’ve attended at the Brisbane Arts Theatre, but what us adults particularly liked about Charlotte’s Web was the use of humour. It’s always good to be able to have a bit of a giggle during a children’s production.


The story of the little pig who grows to be BIG and makes friends with the other farmyard animals is a heartwarming story to which children can relate. Throw in some quick quips, clever lines and a spot of acrobats on behalf of the clever little piggy and you’re sure to have a hit on your hands!


Excellent acting, excellent costumes and an excellent time was had by all. Families Magazine – Brisbane give Charlotte’s Web at the Brisbane Arts Theatre a double thumbs up – it’s terrific, terrific, terrific!!


 Watch our video review with interview of Wilbur from our very own Master 7!



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  1. Amanda says:

    We went to the show and loved it! We love the Brisbane Arts Theatre!

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