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Our Guide to Op Shops from Tweed to Byron Bay!

The promise of finding treasures is what prompts so many of us to scour the amazing op shops between the Tweed and Byron Bay. But what makes a great op shop? Our guided tour leads the way in discovering the best op shops around and what makes them so good.

Best op shops from Tweed to Byron Bay!

From the Tweed to Byron Bay there are a number of small towns that are gems for op shopping. These op shops are for those who are truly seeking an incredible bargain and driven by the desire to find something unique, a treasure that ensures you leave the op shopper feeling very chuffed.

Op shopping is an activity that can be enjoyed by all, the chance to find vintage clothes, accessories and furniture or score a retro lamp is waiting, you just need to get out there and start looking. We know just the places to visit if you want to find something truly special.

Check out our guided tour and list of the best op shops below for some great tips on where to visit and what you’ll find in some of the best Tweed op shops to the best Byron Bay op shops!

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The Tweed to Byron Op Shopping Adventure Begins

Those living from the Tweed to Byron Bay are absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to great op shops. The locations we have identified as worth a stop are;

The Tweed Five near Machinery Drive

Yes! That’s five op shops within walking distance of each other. This makes stopping at the Tweed very worthwhile and offers a vast range;

  1. That Hip Op Shop: 2/18 Machinery Dr, Tweed Heads South

  2. ADRA: 2/5 Machinery Dr, Tweed Heads South

  3. Salvos: 2/45 Greenway Dr, Tweed Heads South

  4. Vinnies: 9/25 Industry Dr, Tweed Heads South

  5. Lifeline: 9 Greenway Dr, Tweed Heads South

This group of op shops are well known for clothing, bric-a-brac and furniture.

The Second Chance Opportunity Shop

101 Cabarita Road, Boganger, Cabarita

The Second Chance Opportunity Shop is known for stocking a large range of clothing, home décor and wares. As well as books and furniture, this op shop has a little something for everyone.

The Pottsville Beach Neighbourhood Centre Op Shop

12 Elizabeth St, Pottsville

This op shop is a super popular place for locals and visitors due to the great stock and friendly volunteers. Ranging from clothing, toys, home décor and costumes, you need to visit to understand why this spot is always bustling.

The Companion Animals Welfare Inc (CAWI)

19/5 Booyun St, Brunswick Heads

CAWI provides care and homes for unwanted, surrendered, sick or injured animals, their op shop is the main fundraiser for this organisation and is well known for its great range of clothes, household wares, books, crockery, bric-a-brac and even some pet supplies.

The Byron Bay Three beside the Sea

Yes! There are 3 op shops in Byron Bay in close proximity to each other, making this a great spot for a morning out of op shopping and taking in the Byron vibes.

  1. Salvos | 5 Banksia Drive, Byron Bay

  2. Lifeline | Cnr Fletcher and Marvell Street, Byron Bay

  3. Vinnies | 2 Marvell Street, Byron Bay

These stores offer an extensive range of recycled products including quality clothing, accessories, furniture, home wares, electrical, books, toys & manchester.

Hot tips!

  • Plan your op shopping trips ahead of time and know where you are going, this ensures you cover the largest number within your time frame
  • Check before you go that the op shops have EFTPOS facilities (although most do these days) in case you need to bring cash
  • Consider how op shopping could save you time and money as well as being the source of some cool craft ideas for kids! 
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  1. There is another op shop in Tweed heads South. You have a friend op shop. It’s in a small group of 3 shops just before the ADRA shop. It’s only a little shop but full of surprises.


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