Brisbane Half Day Trips – Beenleigh Train Line

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We know that when you have little people that need naps, you don’t always want to do a full day trip. Try these half day trips near the Beenleigh line.

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Easy (Green): A nice easy walk. Expect less than 6/7 minutes from station to the destination. Usually one or two very close destinations for a nice, relaxing half day trip.

Medium (Yellow): Looking for a bit more of an adventure? These stations are usually no more than 15 minutes from their fun destinations. These stations often have multiple destinations too so there is tons of fun stuff to see and do!

Hard (Red): An adventurous day out. Expect longer than 15 minute walks from the station to the destination and there may be multiple destinations. A great choice for those who want to enjoy a good walk and have an active day out!

Beenleigh Line

Beenleigh Station – Easy

From the station to Beenleigh Library you can expect the walk to take you around 5 minutes. Connected to the Beenleigh Events Centre, the library faces out onto a small park with a war memorial and shaded seating. Within the library there is an extensive range of books and by making use of the libraries free sign up policy for all ages you will receive a library card and access to book borrowing, computer use and Wi-Fi. The children’s section is set in a prominent corner of the library in view of the front desk. Books for younger children have been stacked in moveable shelves for easy access and placed in a circle creating a welcoming space for children to play and learn alongside family and friends.

Free group activities for young children mainly occur at 10am consisting of Baby Time on Tuesdays for children 0-12 months, Toddler Time on Mondays for 1-3 year olds and Story Time on Thursdays and Saturdays for 3-5 year olds. When visiting the library pick up a free ‘What’s on’ brochure for more information.

Beenleigh Library opening hours:

  • Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri: 9am-6pm
  • Thurs: 9am-8pm
  • Sat: 9am-1pm
  • Sun: closed

For more details please see the Logan City Council website or call the Beenleigh Library on (07) 3412 4130.

Bethania Station – Easy

Make your way across the train tracks and you will find the Bethania Aquatic Centre within a couple of minutes’ walk from the line. Inside you will find a 25m pool, leisure pool and space to rest in the shade while enjoying food from the kiosk.

Bethania 1  Bethania 3

Bethania 2 Bethania 4

Bethania Aquatic Centre opening hours:

Mon-Fri: 7am-6pm

Sat-Sun: 10am-5pm

For more information on prices and swimming lessons visit the Logan City Council site or contact Bethania Aquatic Centre on (07) 3805 6032.

Behind the Bethania Aquatic Centre is a park complete with equipment for small children, a concrete running practice area, workout equipment and a place for older kids to practice balancing and gymnastics. There is shaded seating nearby.

Loganlea Station  – Medium

Sturdee Park is located a 5-10 minute walk from the Loganlea Train Station. Take a right and walk to the blue police station located at the corner. Turn left onto Haig Road, make a right at Keyes Street and left onto Dianne Street to find the park. There is an undercover seating area, large play area with multiple slides, and an enclosed dog park at the other side with plenty of room to run.

Loganlea 1 Loganlea 2

Kingston Station – Easy

Directly after walking out of the Kingston Train Station parking lot take a left and follow the road down to the old butter factory. Now transformed into an art gallery for local art, alongside a museum and theatre, the space is used by the local community as a place to connect with the past. Outside is the old caretaker’s cottage with an overhanging of flowers at the entrance. On the other side of the old factory is a new park complete with shade cloth covering and nearby bbq area.

Kingston Park and community Arts Centre 1 Kingston 2 Kingston 3 Kingston 4

For more details on what the Kingston Butter Factory Community Arts Centre has to offer visit the Logan City Council site or phone (07) 3412 5410.

Woodridge and Trinder Park Stations – Easy

The park is situated between the two stations but the walk may be slightly less arduous if you get off at Trinder Park. There is a playground, oval, basketball court and beginners skateboard facilities for young children to practice on. Oates Park is situated in a suburban area so the space is fairly quiet giving you time to sit back and enjoy the sound of birds flitting through the trees. There is also enough room to bring a ball along and have a kick around on the field with your kids.

Sunnybank Station – Easy

Directly behind the carpark is a walkway which leads down through the bush and onto a wetlands boardwalk. If you would prefer to stick to the road this will also lead you to the playground situated next to a large duck filled pond. The view can be enjoyed from the pergolas at the water’s edge or from a picnic blanket on the grass. There are bbq facilities, picnic tables and space to run and play. The walk takes about 5 minutes making for a relaxing half day out.

Dutton Park Station – Hard

Walking from Dutton Park Train Station make your way along Kent Street to Annerley Road. Turn to your right and walk up the main road continuing on past the old cemetery. This walk will be uphill but once you reach the top you will gain sight of the playground on the other side. The playground is large and shaded by trees, with a nearby picnic and bbq area. There is also a lookout at the peak of the hill with views over part of the city located near the basketball court. If you continue down the hill you can also follow the paved paths through the park for a lovely walk down towards the river. The walk to Dutton Park may take up to 20 minutes but it is definitely worth the effort.

Dutton Park 1 Dutton Park 2 Dutton Park 3 Dutton Park 4

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