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The Solomon Islands – A Perfect Family Holiday

The Solomon Islands is a treasure trove of water activities, some of the best diving in the world, WWII history, rich culture and it is the perfect destination for families!

The Solomon Islands – A Slice of Heaven!

Being only 3 hours from Brisbane by plane and with only a 1 hour time difference to Brisbane, it’s a quick and easy overseas trip for families. Here is how you can make the most of it plus tips to get your little ones (or big ones) ready to go!

solomon islands family

With the clearest water I have ever seen in my life, marine wildlife including reef sharks, whales, manta rays, dolpings, stunning coral and all sorts of tropical fish, water activities should be the top of your list. Snorkelling, water skiing, wakeboarding, diving (even for beginners) and stand up paddle boarding are just some of the options your kids will love, especially if you choose a tour option.

solomon islands diving

They’ll get up close and personal with coral, clown fish and other wildlife whilst also getting to explore shipwrecks from World War II. Plus, if your or they have ever wanted to swim with sharks, this is a great (and safe) place to do it.

The Solomon Islands – Connect with culture

A rich and diverse culture awaits you on every island you visit. Different dances, songs and traditions provide you with the opportunity to show your children more about island life, past and present, than anywhere else.

solomon islands coconuts

One of my favourite islands was Roderick Village where the land is passed down the matriarchal line instead of the patriarchal. A wonderful village tour showcasing how locals earn a living, a performance of song and dance plus the most unusual combination of their culture colliding with ours because of a German cruise ship wreck, right there in the bay.

solomon islands wreck

Kids climb all over the wreck, jump into the water, swing off trees and relax in hammocks while drinking from fresh coconuts. It is pure bliss.

The Solomon Islands – A Piece of History

If you’re interested in World War II or simply want your kids to know more about history, the Solomon Islands contains numerous wrecks and historical sites you can explore. Japanese u caves, tunnels and more can be viewed and toured during your trip with islands including Tulagi and Guadalcanal, the location of the first U.S. ground offensive of World War II.

Tips for travelling to the Solomon Islands

solomon islands paddle board

With such a beautiful paradise so close you’ll want to go all the time! Before you head off, there are a few things you should do to prepare and be aware of.

Get vaccinated

The Solomon Islands are amazing but you do need to be careful. On top of being up to date with regular vaccinations, you will want to take extra precautions for typhoid, malaria, yellow fever and others. Discuss it with your doctor.

One quick tip – with malaria medication one is much more expensive but the cheaper one leaves your skin extremely sensitive to the sun so it’s worth paying extra.

Sunscreen and Insect Repellent

You will use a lot of both so be sure to be prepared. Yes, there are shops and you can get lots of things. It’s easier to simply have it with you.

Dress for the tropics but cover up in outer islands

The Solomon Islands are warm year round, can be humid and they have cyclones at certain times of the year. Be prepared for weather similar to North Queensland and dress accordingly. However, if you visit villages, cover your shoulders and knees for women.

Use a tour or get advice

Definitely get out there and explore more than the main islands but be smart about it. Either book a tour or check with locals to see what amenities are available and how easy it is to get to certain areas. It is not the same as Fiji with kids clubs and massive resorts. There is beautiful accommodation and locals are extremely friendly and welcoming (especially of kids). You are travelling to a developing country so keep that in mind with your trip plans.

We did a 7 day tour with Solomon Islands Discovery Cruises which includes airport transfers making it easy and this is how my daughters and I will continue to travel the Solomon Islands, with a tour group. This video showcases my trip and the snorkelers at the end, one is me!

Crime can happen

The same as anywhere in the world, crimes happen. I didn’t have a problem while there but travellers are advised to be aware and take precautions, particularly in Honiara. If you’re with a tour group, this is less of an issue. Be smart, be aware and be safe. It’s that simple!

For me, the Solomon Islands is the ideal destination for families. Close to Australia, so much to explore and right on the brink of exploding to become similar to other pacific islands. Get in first and experience this island paradise now.

Kylie Travers is an experienced traveller, writer, speaker and mother of two. You can find her at sharing ways to make and save money at www.thethriftyissue.com.au

Beautiful images are published, with permission, from Katrina Walsh Photography.

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