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Stradbroke Island – A Slice Of Paradise Right On Our Doorstep

Stradbroke Island

Have you considered Strabroke Island for your next family holiday? Not only is it close and easily accessible, it’s host to a vast array of natural beauty that global tourists would pay top dollar to see. Why not keep your next trip local and see what you can find on Straddie.

Stradbroke Island – A Little Slice Of Heaven

Brisbane is truly blessed to have a wealth of gorgeous islands within a stone’s throw of the mainland. There are even a number of teeny tiny islands that you’ve probably NEVER even heard of!  

We can safely assert, however, that Stradbroke Island is truly the jewel in the crown of the Moreton Bay region islands.

stradbroke island

Divided into North and South Straddie, the locals embrace the philosophy of ‘slowing down’ and it’s easy to see why. Even though this is a short distance from the mainland, you may as well be traveling to a different world.

How do you get to Stradbroke Island?

Water taxis and ferries leave from Cleveland. You can travel over as a pedestrian or you can take your car or caravan for an extended stay. We would definitely recommend taking your car so you can see all that there is to see! You can find information about ferry timetables and costs here.

What is there to do on Stradbroke Island?

There are a wealth of camp sites, hotels and Air BnB’s just begging to be relaxed in. Apart from that, you can experience local flavour at a number of pubs, art galleries and cultural hubs. The eclectic, winding streets and homes, secret fishing spots and some seriously awesome surfing opportunities make this an incredible destination.

We have the down-low on some great camping sites if you’d like to follow this link, too! 

Cool facts about Stradbroke Island

  • Evidence points to occupation by the Quandamooka people from about 21,000 years ago
  • It has, at various points in European settlement, been an asylum, a convict outstation, a quarantine station and a Catholic mission
  • In the 1800’s it was thought to be one solid landmass that was split in half by a combination of a boat crashing into the sand that was then detonated and then a series of very strong winds
  • Ferry tourist cruises started to Stradbroke Island in 1935
  • A Japanese submarine sent a torpedo and blew off a hospital ship just off the Coast in 1945

What do you love about Stradbroke Island?

It’s one of our tip-top favourites! What’s YOUR favourite thing to do on Straddie?

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  1. Valent Lau says:

    That water looks so amazing, the pure green blue! Truly paradise!

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