Snow4Kids Snow Village | Experience Snow Near Brisbane!

Snow4Kids Brisbane Snowman
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Dreaming of a white winter? The Snow Village will be blasting into Orion Shopping Centre, Springfield Lakes from Saturday 25 June –  Sunday 10 July 2022.

Why do kids love the Snow4Kids Snow Village?

Where else can you build a ‘REAL’ snowman in SEQ? If an interstate snow trip is not possible this year Snow4Kids is definitely the next best thing!

Your kids can enjoy snowball and snowman making, the experience of playing in ‘real’ snow and general snow silliness!

Build a snowman

Build your own unique snowman. Do it in a family group and share a wonderful winter experience with all that you need to decorate your masterpiece provided by organisers.

Snowball arcade

Throw REAL snowballs at fun targets! There’s no limit on how many you can make with special snowball making tools provided.

Snow play zone

Play and dig in snow and use moulds to make interesting creations. The snow pit is topped up with fresh snow regularly during the day.

Snow photos

Walk down the Snow Village Street and take a great snap! Sit on a snowmobile and a sled pulled by huskies plus many other winter themed areas to create a magical family photo.

  • Accessibility: The Snow Village is wheelchair friendly.
  • Location: Orion Shopping Centre (Carpark location next to Aldi) 1 Main Street, Springfield Central. QLD 4300.
  • Session Times: Every hour from 9:30am-3:30pm daily (excluding some public holidays)
  • 50-minute Session Ticket Price:  $25. You can also pay extra for a snowboarding lesson with a professional ski instructor.
  • Get your tickets online here.

What should we wear to Snow4Kids Snow Village?

The snow is freezing as it is real fresh and clean snow. Our kids loved the snow but it does make you wet after a while. So make sure you pack gloves if you plan to handle the snow. Organisers do provide buckets, spades and other snow sculpting items but we still think gloves are a must. Layer up too, so you can adjust your clothing to the temps on the day. Better to be overprepared then have to buy extra items in a panic while out. Consider a change of clothes for the kids if you don’t want them hanging around in wet pants from sitting on the ice. We recommend you pack:

  • Closed in shoes
  • Gloves (A must for little ones)
  • Beanie and scarf if you want to get into the theme of the event
  • A jumper that you can remove if it gets warm

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15 responses to “Snow4Kids Snow Village | Experience Snow Near Brisbane!”

  1. Paz says:

    Snow Man Building was absolute rubbish. They gave us one pathetic bucket of snow to make a miniature snowman. The grond was covered in water. Very little snow. Waste of money.

  2. Barbara O'Brien says:

    Ticketmaster said the box office opened. @ 8am to collect tickets. We waited an hour for it to open @ 9am. Very frustrating. Then we had to join another very long line to enter. We are still waiting for it to open. There are loads of frustrated families waiting in the cold and it’s still not open!

  3. Dorothy says:

    do parents have to pay?

    • Families Magazine Brisbane says:

      Hi Dorothy – no parents do not have to pay. Each child ticket allows ONE adult to accompany. So in theory if you had 3 kids all with tickets, you could have 3 adults accompany.

  4. JO says:

    Went to SNOW4KIDS today

    Parking: Went to one of the Early Bird parking complex. $25 if your in by 9-9.30am but you must stay until after 3pm to get the flat rate. We had finished at the snow event so went up to the mall for a few hours.

    Confusion: There is still alot of confusion about getting one ticket $30 and kids share attractions or one ticket per child which would be $60 for two. I went for the second option as I didn’t have another adult to supervise my other child at the different attraction and it was fun having them do things together. I think now you do require one ticket per child but there was still alot of confusion maybe someone can confirm this.

    Tickets: 9am today (THursday the 3rd of July) a sign went up SOLD OUT only prebooked tickets available so book on line

    Waiting times: From other posts I think the waiting times are now better only 5-15mins but I arrived before 9am and went straight to the main attractions Building a Snow Man and Snow Sliding so we didn’t have to wait in long lines for these when more people arrived. I had no wait for the Snow Dome and a 15 min wait for Snow ball throwing.
    Snow Sliding: Once again some confusion because I think it was 30 mins at this attraction before and a long wait now it is 6
    TURNS only. This was today. I had to help my two children build the snowman as you didn’t get a long time here maybe 10 mins (15 tops)

    Overall my kids really enjoyed the day and loved the attractions. This is a new event so there is going to be some problems but it was fantastic for the kids to experience the snow.

    • Families Magazine Brisbane says:

      Hi Jo – Thank you so much for adding your review. I agree that the kids loved it despite the confusion and problems…. I know that the organisers are listening to feedback and trying hard to improve. Feel free to let them know directly as well. This could become an awesome event for Brisbane each winter!

  5. Mum of 2 says:

    We went today and there were still plenty of problems.

    We were booked for 9am – ticket booth was scheduled to open at 8.30am – we were third in line and didn’t get our tickets until after 9am because the tickets hadn’t arrived for anyone who had pre-paid. There was then another wait to actually get in to the park – apparently they were still making snow. Seriously poor planning!!

    The toboggan is now just 6 rides per child – not the 30 minutes as promised. It’s over in a flash for kids in primary school or older. My toddler wanted to have a go – but the smaller slide off to the side hadn’t been prepared, so he missed out.

    The building a snowman info on the website says you will be given 2 buckets of snow. Instead you were expected to fill your own. Easier said than done when you have two children to help in 15 minutes, the ice is rock hard and all you’re given is a pathetic kids’ size sandpit shovel that looks like it was bought at the $2 shop.

    I’m lucky – it wasn’t a big expense for me to take 2 children. But for many people this event is expensive – and they would be so disappointed by the long queues and disorganisation. I tried talking to a staff member there and all they did was look at me with a blank expression on their face and say “yeah….”.

    If you’re going to still go.. my advice is to book for 9am, hit the snowman building first, then the toboggan. And take your own garden spade for the ice!!

    The snowball making was okay – use your ticket for the snow dome and the show for an extra go at something else (unless you have very young kids).

    I plan on writing to the organisers to express my frustrations. I can only hope they listen because at this point we won’t be going back and I won’t be recommending it to anyone.

    • Families Magazine Brisbane says:

      Thank you so much for your updated review. Definitely DO write to the organisers – even use their Facebook page to do so. I know they are keen to improve and this could be a fantastic and fun opportunity for families once they ‘get it right’!

  6. JO says:

    What is the best way to get there? How about costs for parking or do you catch the train?

    • Families Magazine Brisbane says:

      Hi Jo – it depends on where you are coming from. We drove and went to the early – 9am session. We drove and parked on the street, but it was the weekend. Check the Translink website for details from your area. JSM

  7. Jenn Stephens says:

    Have tickets to take 3 Grandees next Monday and booked for the 10.30am show. Am so scared with all the bad reviews and thinking I have wasted over $100 (for tickets in mail) when we could have had a free day in the park. Will be watching anxiously at the reviews over this week. Thank you all so much for your honesty. Hope the organisers are also watching and taking note.

    • Families Magazine Brisbane says:

      Hi Jenn- we’ve updated our review with news from the last two days. Seems the organisers are listening to feedback.

  8. Amanda says:

    LOVE the top 10 tips – very helpful – thanks!!

  9. Regina says:

    Definitely get adults to line up at multiple activities!

  10. JD says:

    We went today and I agree, we all enjoyed it but it’s clear this event is in it’s infancy.

    1800 would not fit at all, for all I know there was that today. But it’s not hard to do the math-

    The toboggan takes 40 kids every 30 minutes with a 5 minute switch
    The snowmen take around 30 kids every 15 minutes with a 15 minute switch.
    The snowballs take around 20 kids every 5 with a 5 minute switch.

    It’s pretty easy to see that the capacity for actual snow events is closer to 200 and you’ll still be having 30 minute+ waits.

    The show might sit 100 bored kids, and maybe 10 more throwing styrofoam balls at each other (WTF????)

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