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Multicap – Empowering people with disability

Empowering people with disability to live lives rich with possibility and opportunity is what drives disability support provider Multicap to deliver innovative and creative services every single day.

Multicap: how it began

Multicap was established in 1962 as a small group by five families who could not find suitable support for their children with multiple disabilities. Since then, Multicap has grown to be one of the leading high needs disability support providers in Queensland and northern New South Wales.

How Multicap helps

Multicap Monte Lupo

Today, Multicap offers customers an extensive range of services, from one-on-one personal support, independent accommodation options and social experiences, to employment and career development. Since its early days, Multicap’s ethos has been to work with customers and their support networks to find tailored services and programs that assist them to reach their goals and enhance each customer’s quality of life.

Multicap has programs and support services for all ages, with a focus on providing customers opportunities and abilities to discover and develop new passions and skills. People with disability can meet new friends through a fun day out with Avegates Social Experience Network and School Holiday Programs, learn a new creative hobby with the Centre of Creative Arts, or enjoy leisure activities and skill building at one of Multicap’s Community Hubs.

Increasing independence

Multicap Independent Living

Many of Multicap’s support services focus on empowering their customers to increase their independence, and they facilitate this through a variety of ways. For many of their customers, moving out of the family home is a significant goal, so they provide Supported Independent Living houses across Queensland and northern New South Wales to assist in achieving this goal.

Customers can develop their skills in communication and participation in the community through their Self-Advocacy Network. Customers can also find a new job and career through supported employment services in the creative arts; hospitality; and assembly, packaging and finishing sectors.

As part of their creative arts program, their Monte Lupo Arts studio has become renowned for its vibrant and joyful ceramic and textile products and artworks, and in providing employment and entrepreneurial pathways for our artists with disability.

With almost 60 years’ experience, Multicap specialises in delivering creative and sustainable support for people with disability who have complex needs, and they are dedicated to working with each customer to find individualised support options for them. Their skilled and committed team is dedicated to ensuring their customers have the right support to make the most of opportunities available to them, and is passionate about celebrating their customers’ achievements.

Get in touch with Multicap

With services available from Mackay to Murwillumbah, Multicap is dedicated to supporting people with disability to get the most out of life in all ways, always.

Find out more about Multicap and its support services by visiting www.multicap.org.au or calling 1300 135 886.

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*This editorial was supplied by Multicap and appeared in our print issue 42, October-November 2020.

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