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Highfields Pioneer Village

If you want your children to appreciate the perks of modern technology and have an understanding of how things have changed over time, then a trip to the Highfields Pioneer Village in Highfields, Toowoomba is a must-see attraction.

Everything at Highfields Pioneer Village is preserved at perfect quality to give your family an authentic experience of Australian settlement history.

Not only that, your children will have a lot of fun exploring and experiencing over 60 buildings.

What are the attractions at Highfields Pioneer Village?

Heritage Chapel

This beautiful chapel was built in 1909 and is available to weddings and christenings of all denominations. Go inside and check it out!

Southern Cross Museum

Give the children a little taste of history by showing them products made by the Toowoomba Foundry at the Southern Cross Museum. This includes the very impressive Southern Cross Windmills.

Ambulance Museum

Check out how things have changed by seeing the story of Ambulance Services in Queensland the equipment used from WW1 at the Ambulance Museum.

Village Silversmith

The kids will love the combination of modern ways with the old school jewellery making techniques. Go along and see a demonstration of it being made.

The Toy Shop

Nothing beats old-fashioned, wooden toys. They definitely hold a degree of nostalgia. The toy shop at Highfields Pioneer Village features handmade, kinetic wooden pioneer toys your kids will love.

Slab Cottage

Things have changed since slab cottages were built in the 1900s! Take your children through what life was like for pioneers as you explore this carefully restored slab cottage.

Damper and Billy Tea

All that exploring is sure to make you peckish. Luckily, authentic Damper and Billy tea can be served up to your family. Just make sure you book for 10 or people to partipate.

What events are there at Highfields Pioneer Village?

Events around public holidays and mother’s/father’s day are a popular time to visit Highfields Pioneer Village. The Annual Easter Vintage Festival is a fabulous time to visit the Village and participate in crafts, attend market stalls and so much more.


Highfields Pioneer Village is very affordable for an entire family day out! Prices start at $10 per adult and family passes for 2 adults and 2 children are $25.

How can you find out more?

Visit Highfields Pioneer Village’s website or contact them on (07) 4696 6309.

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