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Tell us a bit about yourself.

Come and Cook - Karen Brown

Karen Brown – Come and Cook – Bump 2 Business

I am originally from Tasmania where I was brought up in the hospitality industry, as my parents renovated and ran a Bed and Breakfast Hotel which we also lived in. After studying teaching I moved to London for thirteen years where I met my husband and had our two children.

What is ‘Come and Cook’?

Come and Cook is a cooking school that offers one off classes as well as progressive, weekly after-school courses.  Classes cater for special requests, themes and age-groups.  Workshops are run in The Gap in a commercial style kitchen with children, teens and adults.

How did you get started?

Cooking has always brought me joy, satisfaction and fulfilled a personal need for creativity. I trained in Hospitality before studying Early Childhood Education in Tasmania.

I left primary school teaching and began my own cooking business in schools while living in London (2002-2010). I wanted to share my skills, enthusiasm for hands-on learning as well as my love of cooking. We moved to Australia and I began Come and Cook here in The Gap in late 2015.

What does the future hold for Come and Cook?

 I am moving into specialized workshops in areas such as Gluten-Free, FODMAP friendly and allergy friendly in general as well as working with adults.

What is the best bit about what you do?

I love being able to run my own business from home, to inspire others and to follow my passion.  Being able to combine my love and flair for food with my background of teaching and hospitality enriches my life and brings personal satisfaction and joy.

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Any bad bits?

Cleaning up the workshops is not my favourite thing but it is necessity of the job.

How do you fit Come and Cook around family life?

I run after-school classes and my kids go to after-school care and when I have school holiday or weekend workshops they are looked after by Grandparents.  My adult classes will be run in school hours to fit in with the children’s school day.

What advice would you give other mums looking to work for themselves?

Follow your passion.  If it inspires you, you are confident in your own ability and there is a niche market for it, then give it a go.  The worst thing would be to have never tried.


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