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Children's Week 2020
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Are you looking for ways to celebrate Children’s Week Brisbane 2020? You’ve come to the right place as we’ve compiled a list of Children’s Week activities and information to help you make the most of this important annual event!

We all hope to create a childhood for our children filled with adventure and fun. To ensure their days are filled exploring, making friends, and seeing the world for all its beauty. We want to nurture their curiosity and ensure their innocence to the harsher side of life lasts for as long as possible. Children’s Week celebrates the rights of children to enjoy childhood and for the wider community to rejoice in their talents, skills, and abilities. That’s something we can all definitely get behind!

Children’s Week Brisbane 2020

Children’s Week Brisbane 2020 runs from Saturday 24th October to Sunday 1st November. This annual event celebrated throughout Australia is held around the fourth Wednesday in October with a diverse range of events and activities organised at National, State, and local levels.

Children's Week 2020

Children’s Week aims to:

  • encourage and support individuals, groups and organisations to organise local activities and events that support and involve children and communities
  • raise community awareness of the needs, rights and achievements of children
  • ensure that the public is aware of the Queensland Government’s obligations under the Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • ensure that any breaches of the Queensland Government’s obligations under the Convention on the Rights of a Child are publicised, to stimulate public support for action to ensure that any breaches are remedied
  • affiliate or associate with diverse organisations or individuals concerned with children’s rights and wellbeing

This year’s Children’s Week theme is “Children have the right to meet with other children and young people and to join groups and organisations, as long as this does not stop other people from enjoying their rights.” This is DEFINITELY something we embrace here as part of our personal ethos at Families Magazine!

What’s on during Children’s Week Brisbane 2020?

Update: Due to COVID-19, events are being announced later this year so watch this space to find out all the cool things planned for Children’s Week 2020!

Have you checked out the activities for Children’s Week Brisbane yet? Here are some great family-friendly events designed to celebrate the loves of our lives – our kids!

Dress Up Day Pop-Up Playgroups

Dress Up Day Pop-Up Playgroup | Multiple locations

Playgroup Queensland will be hosting a series of ‘Dress Up Day Pop Up Playgroups’ from Monday 19 October to celebrate Children’s Week 2020. Get ‘dressed up’ in your favourite costume and join Playgroup Queensland for a morning of FREE Dress Up Day activities and lots of fun for everyone! Spaces are limited and you must register to attend. Find out dates and locations here.

Generation of Change – Inspiring young people to shape a brighter future | Online

Children’s Rights Queensland is proud to produce this FREE hour-long webinar for young people by young people. The webinar will commence from 4:30pm on Thursday 29 October and feature inspiring young Queenslanders who will share how they are making a difference. Feel empowered by the true stories that will leave you not just inspired to make a positive difference in your community but also with the knowledge that you can do it too. Find out more here.

First Five Forever, Babies Books & Rhymes | Multiple locations

Please note: Due to COVID-19, not all libraries are offering First Five Forever activities.

Various local council libraries

First Five Forever, Toddler Time| Multiple locations

Please note: Due to COVID-19, not all libraries are offering First Five Forever activities.

Various local council libraries

Creating Child Safe Organisations in QLD | Online

Children’s Week is the perfect time to learn more about the ways that we can all work together to keep children safe. All children have the right to be safe and to feel safe all of the time. A child safe organisation values children and is committed to treating their needs and their safety as the top priority. This interactive workshop organised by NAPCAN covers:

– Background of child safe organisation development
– Establishing and maintaining a child safe culture
– Child inclusive practice
– How to create child safe and friendly environments
– Key elements of a child safe organisation

Book your spot in this workshop here.

Why celebrate Children’s Week Brisbane?

The goal of Children’s Week is to recognise the talents, skills, and abilities of ALL children. Playgroups, schools, childcare centres, kindys, cultural groups, local libraries, and community groups will all engage and come together to celebrate our little darlings. This will (hopefully) continue to encourage families to play, learn, and grow together.

As adults, we have a role to play in nurturing our children and providing them with a wide variety of opportunities that speak to WHO they are as individuals.

Find a Children’s Week activity near you in Brisbane on our calendar here.

You can learn more about Queensland Children’s Week by heading to the Children’s Rights Queensland website.

UNICEF has created a great child’s rights activity book. You can download it for FREE here.

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