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Child Revive First Aid Courses

All of us hope to never be put in a position where we need to try and save our child’s life, but the reality is that it could happen to any of us. Emergencies happen in a split second, and we need to be prepared to deal calmly and confidently in a high-stress situation where our kids need us the most.

You can now attend an Infant and Child First Aid course at the Essential Baby & Toddler Show that will be run by Child Revive. The course costs $39 per person and covers the following:

CPR Training: 

Get the confidence and skills to help your child when they are in a life-threatening emergency, by practicing CPR on provided baby and child manikins. A range of different scenarios presented will include a SIDS event and a drowning incident.


Learn how to identify a complete airway obstruction in your child and how to quickly and confidently clear the obstruction.


Approximately 1 in 30 children under six years of age will have a seizure. Learn about the most common causes and how to care for your child during and after an episode.


Fever affects all children and forms part of their natural immune response to infection. The aim is to have parents less focused on thermometers, and more focused on the symptoms the child is showing. Child Revive will outline when to seek medical attention and show you how to best care for them during this period.


All participants will be provided with a baby or child manikin to practice on at the course, a manikin face shield, a four-page summary of course information, choking magnet, key ring and gloves.


Certificates of attendance are available on request at the end of each course.

The Essential Baby & Toddler Show First Aid Course


  • These courses are focused on children from birth up to two years of age, and is ideal for parents and grandparents. The 90-minute course is conducted by an experienced paramedic or paediatric nurse, and does involve practical hands-on training for all participants.
  • All courses (except the Saturday 2pm and Sunday 2pm adults-only classes) are baby-friendly for participants with infants up to 9 months. The reason for this is to minimise distractions during the session, where important information is being taught. If you have a child older than 9 months and are not able to leave them with a carer, we also have a daily first aid demonstration on our Main Stage that you are welcome to attend, as an introduction to First Aid.
  • Please note that the course venue is located on the mezzanine level of the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, above the main café, with stair access only. Pram storage facilities will be provided during course times on the ground floor.

Course Summary

  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Timing: 10am, 12pm and 2.15pm
  • Cost: $39 per person
  • Capacity: 20
  • Course Conductors: Trained facilitators from Child Revive First Aid
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