Capoeira Beribazu Australia

Capoeira is a unique and rich cultural manifestation which combines elements of martial arts, musicality, rhythm and acrobatics. Capoeira Beribazu Australia is an incorporated not-for-profit association created to teach and disseminate the Afro-Brazilian art-form of Capoeira. We’re a part of Group Beribazu, founded in Brazil in 1972.

The benefits for kids

Through the practice Capoeira, children receive numerous benefits, some of which include:

– developing a positive self-image,

– developing social skills with other children and adults alike,

–  practising respect for others,

– practising camaraderie (mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together) and good-faith,

– learning to deal with winning and losing situations,

– developing physical attributes such as strength, power and flexibility,

– developing rhythm, body awareness and motor coordination,

– learning about the Afro-Brazilian and Brazilian history and its influence in the development and maintenance of Capoeira to the present day.

About the instructor

Deia is a qualified Capoeira Instructor from Group Beribazu, founded in Brazilia, Brazil in 1972. She has been practising capoeira since 2002, under the guidance of Mestre Falcao and Instructor Pequeno. She is Blue Card certified and dedicated to continuously learning about best practice in the teaching of Capoeira for kids as a means to enhance their psycho, motor and social skills development. Her interest in teaching Capoeira for kids started in 2013, when she held classes for kids aged 3-6 years old in Auchenflower.                   

Class times

They offer the following classes per week:


Ages 5-7 years old – 4.00-4.45pm

Ages 8-12 years old – 4.45-5.30pm


Classes run on a rolling/ongoing basis and are paid for monthly, on the first of each month. Prices for 2018 as as follows:

– $35.00 monthly – unlimited classes

– or $16.00 for a casual class


46 Shottery Street, Yeronga QLD 4104.

Enrol online via this form:

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46 Shottery Street
Yeronga Queensland 4104 Australia