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Bounce Inc Indoor Trampoline Park is Perfect for Toddlers to Teens!

Wahoo! We checked out BOUNCE Inc Indoor Trampoline Park in MacGregor so we could report back to you about their grand opening and what in install for you at the new venue! (Spoiler: it’s awesome!)

We took Ms 15, Master 14 and Ms 15 with us to the opening event to test the venue and  to see how ‘family friendly’ it was. Whilst we had teenagers with us on this occasion, I have included information about the parks suitability for toddlers and younger kids too!

Families Tip: BOUNCE has special discounted sessions for little ones. Keep reading!

We spent two hours at BOUNCE and were impressive with the purpose built building that was easy to find and has plenty of parking. If you have been to BOUNCE at Tingalpa, you will immediately recognise the colours of pink, yellow and blue that BOUNCE is well known for!

Where is the new BOUNCE trampoline park?

You can find the new BOUNCE trampoline park at 544 Kessels Road, MacGregor.

What does the new BOUNCE park offer?

BOUNCE MacGregor is full of all your favourite activities that make them a leader in the indoor trampoline space. At their new location in MacGregor, we found trampolines, (of course) but we also enjoyed their wall climbing and their awesomely fun X-Run. Read on to find out more!

Friday night super sessions.

Spend your Friday night at BOUNCE with their Friday Super Sessions ticket! ⁠

Enjoy 3 hours of non-stop action, air-time and fun trampoline fun with awesome beats every Friday night at BOUNCE from 6-9pm. ⁠

Currently available at BOUNCE Tingalpa, Macgregor and on the Gold Coast.

Tickets are only $25 online for 3 hours of jump time, or $35 online including jump, meal and drink.⁠

Book your tickets online today!⁠

Free Jump Arena

The BOUNCE Free Jump Arena is a giant network of interconnected floor and wall trampolines where you can get a brilliant trampoline workout. It’s like free-running and parkour made easy! This is the main area of the park, along the back wall – with around 50 interconnected trampolines, tumble tracks and banked walls. Enjoy freestyle freedom or just run wild in this oversized playground. It’s perfect for kids of all ages (and mums, dads and carers too!) If your little one gets overwhelmed keep reading to find out about the junior jumpers area that is sections off for little kids.


Dodgeball is trampoline warfare. It’s high-energy, awesome fun and the balls are soft.

Enter the Dodgeball courts – the ultimate trampoline colosseum where primal battle instincts rise to the fore in fun and often funny ways. Two teams throw soft ‘bowling ball’ sized dodgeballs at each other as they jump around the court. The art is using your bounce skills to dodge the balls and out manoeuvre your opposition. Keep moving (upwards or sideways) and avoid a direct hit while you take the other team out one by one. Last player bouncing wins.

Wall Climb

The Climbing Wall at Bounce MacGregor

Our teens loved this – but our little kids love climbing too, so we are sure this is an all ages challenge for every climber – big or small! The Climbing Wall brings a range of unique rock climbing challenges into one place… and they’re seriously awesome!

These rock climbing challenges are suitable for any age. Our kids loved them!

They have an auto belay system that means you don’t need a partner at the bottom watching you climb, leaving you free to race your siblings or your friends up the wall!

Adults, if you are already jealous of the fun your kids can have, don’t worry you to can participate in the rock climbing too!

There are some important rules to follow:

  • All participants must watch a compulsory safety brief before climbing. A harness fitted by a BOUNCE crew member must be worn at all times.
  • Children under 12 years must be accompanied by a person 16 years or older. Only one person on a challenge at a time. Look below before you jump down.
  • No climbing without being clipped into the auto belay.
  • BOUNCE crew strictly monitor safety & their direction must be followed. Closed toed shoes must be worn in the climbing areas at all times.
  • Participants must be more than 10kgs and less than 150kgs in weight.


BOUNCE’s X-Run is their awesome ‘head to head’ adventure-challenge course. Think Ninja course!!

X-Run combines features and challenges from the BOUNCE X-Park in a side by side format. It allows you to race your mates, race yourself or just navigate the features with more skill and flow each time you run the course.

The obstacles & features can be explored as stand-alone challenges or navigated as one circuit with different levels of difficulty to allow for personal progression and creative expression.

Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk at Bounce MacGregor

The Slam Dunk is the ultimate activity to progress your freestyle skills and have fun at BOUNCE! The area features full-height basketball rings above runway trampolines surrounded by padded walls and floor mats. It’s like borrowing the legs of the world’s best basket-baller.

Try the simple approach first; three jumps to build your bounce height, then slam it! Once you’ve mastered this, you can add in some extra moves moves? Try passing the ball around your back or through your legs before you slam it or ask one of our awesome BOUNCE hosts to show you how it’s done!

High performance trampolines

High performance trampolines enable greater bounce and height plus an ultimate trampoline workout! The area is perfect for skills development and more advanced manoeuvres.

Even I loved this one – If you watched my Facebook Live, you would have seen me to TWO flips on these trampolines!) SO MUCH FUN!!

Performance trampolines are often used by athletes pursuing advanced performance around sports such skiing, snowboarding, wake-boarding and skate boarding etc. It’s also a training ground for free-runners and anyone involved in dedicated trampoline sports. These are my favourite part of the BOUNCE trampoline park!

The Wall

The Wall combines high performance trampolines with vertical walls of various heights for freestyle tricks and Wall Running. This area is like a skate park made out of trampolines.

You need to experience Wall Running to believe how much fun and addictive it is. Like most of the best ideas it’s a super simple concept – use the bounce and rebound properties of performance trampolines to run up walls. Progress your skills over time to see how far up the wall you can go then practice your timings and rhythm. 

It was pioneered by the Cirque Du Soleil and takes a few tips to master, but once you get it it’s pure awesomeness every time. I recommend giving this a try!

Big Bag

The Big Bag at BOUNCE provides a giant soft landing so you can get massively airborne just for fun, or practicing your aerial moves in safety.

Enjoy the freedom of Freestyle, learn new skills and progress your moves with the help of our awesome BOUNCE hosts.

It’s the best place to work on moves that you can then take to the Performance Trampolines, the street or the ski slopes. Lying at the end of rebound tumble tracks, the giant inflatable bag sits in a five-foot-deep pit.

Start with simple jumps then get as technical as your skills allow.

Cliff Jump

Cliff Jump at BOUNCE involves launching yourself off the balcony onto a giant air bag below. It’s an awesome adrenaline rush that gets the heart racing and doesn’t require much skill to enjoy.

What does BOUNCE have for toddlers & little ones?

I’m so glad you asked!

In the main trampoline arena, there is a sectioned off end which is for younger children. This is great because if you have a little one who is keen to jump, but doesn’t want to mix it up with the older kids, then this is the area for them!

They even have separate sessions for toddlers on weekdays with unlimited jump time for just $11!

BOUNCE MacGregor parties

BOUNCE offers birthday parties tailored for different age groups:

  • 2 – 5 year olds
  • 5 – 8 year olds
  • 8 – 12 year olds

You can find out more about BOUNCE parties here.


There are a range of options for toddlers, young kids, students, adults and family or multi-passes. You can find the most up to date pricing on the BOUNCE website here.

The nitty gritty

Opening hours:

  • Mon to Thu: 9am – 8pm
  • Fri to Sat: 9am – 9pm
  • Sun: 9am – 6pm

School & Public Holidays:

  • Mon to Sat: 9am – 9pm
  • Sun: 9am – 6pm

(Some public holiday hours may vary – please view available hours on their website.)


  • Christmas Day and New Year’s Day

BOUNCE MacGregor is fun for the whole family

Our verdict? We loved our visit to BOUNCE MacGregor and reckon that it is a great activity for the whole family!

WIN 1 of 3 family passes to Bounce Morayfield, Tingalpa or McGregor this summer – enter on the app below

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