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Clontarf Beach State High School | Parent Fact Sheet

Clontarf Beach State High School

Number of Students: 910

Why Choose Clontarf Beach State High School?

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Clontarf Beach State High School is committed to develop and nurture student aspirations to enable school graduates to embrace future life challenges with vigour, passion and pride.

Clontarf Beach State High School boasts a high quality, well-rounded and challenging learning program for years 7 to 12 in academics, sport and cultural programs, which carve positive pathways for all students.

In 2014 all year 12 students achieved their QCE and furthermore, 45 students took part in school-based traineeships and 13 students studied a university subject while still at school.  Additionally, all Clontarf Beach State High School students who applied to continue onto tertiary education were granted at least one of their preferences.

The school’s motto; “Pride, Passion and Pathways” has proven successful in student achievement within sports and music, on a state and national level.

The school’s house structure is based on four traditional houses; Pegasus, Orion, Argo and Leo.  This house structure forms the basis of the school’s student mentoring program, with each year level becoming acquainted, which then builds a strong school community.

Clontarf Beach State High School has established partnerships with the Australian Catholic University, the Queensland University of Technology, University of Queensland, TAFE colleges, job networks, Rotary Clubs and local businesses through the Industry Reference Group partnerships.

Branching out into the wider community, an active Parents and Citizens’ Association is fully supported by the school to help nurture relationships and student learning.

Additional activities offered:

Clontarf Beach State High School is based around five distinctive pathways:

Science and Innovation – a marine science program is the primary focus. Students alternate their study time between the school’s state-of-the-art Ecocentre in sustainable classrooms equipped with hydroponic and fish culturing, as well as boating and hands-on beach study experiences.

Enterprise and Production – focuses on student traineeships in business environments and course links to ACU, which provide students with experiences to prepare for the work force or further study.  Students are offered certificate courses in IT and Business including Business Certificate 3.

Society and Healthy Lifestyles – covers anthropological study areas and community / fitness.  Certificate 3 in fitness and early childhood are offered under a sustainable humanity area, as well as studies in the early childhood, human body, growth, development, history and local industry.  Pathways into the rugby union and futsal development squads have been successful, and a STEP UP university course is linked to ACU.

Creative Industries – covers studies in performance, design and digital.  The school offers an extension music program which is successful in guiding talented students.

Pathway Platforms – students are offered extension programs in science, maths and English. Such opportunities use innovative ways using digital technology to further enhance skills and abilities.

Extra-curricular activities include Rugby Union competitions such as the Ballymore Cup and Redcliffe Cup, Futsal Vikings Competition and soccer competitions.  There is a sports tour held each year which travels to central Queensland, and coaching clinics in rugby, netball, touch football, athletics futsal and soccer.

Facilities at Clontarf Beach State High School:

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