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St Agatha's Primary School
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Number of Students:


Kind of School:

Religious (Catholic)

Why Choose St Agatha’s Primary School?

St Agatha’s school is part of a supportive community that values excellence, diligence and creativity. Students learn in a safe and supportive school environment that nurtures Catholic faith traditions, liturgies and values.

The school is part of a broader supportive community, with a focus on developing healthy relationships based on friendship, compassion and respect. Teachers help students develop a range of talents and skills, and build self-awareness through reflection.

St Agatha’s curriculum is contemporary and futures-oriented, and supports different learning abilities and styles.

Curriculum and Extra-curricular activities offered:

The school teaches the Australian Curriculum for all core subject areas. In addition, St Agatha’s provides Queensland Essential Learnings in the Arts, Studies of Society and Environment (SOSE), Health and Physical Education, Information Communication and Technologies, and Cultural Literacy and Languages (Italian for Years 5-6).

The school has many extra-curricular activities for its students.

Instrumental music lessons are available , both private and group, and students can join the school band, choir and other singing groups. The school also offers classroom and private drama lessons and Visual Art lessons. Students can also take part in Dance Fever.

Year 4 students can learn AFL and Year 5-6 students can learn netball. Both are offered in Term 2.

The school also has a Chess Club.

Class incursions and excursions are organised throughout the year to give students experiences of life outside the family and school.

Facilities at St Agatha’s Primary School


6 Hunter Lane
Clayfield, Queensland Australia

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