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Maridahdi Community School | Parent Fact Sheet

Are you interested in the philosophies that underpin Maridahdi Community School? Have a look at our parent fact sheet to find out more.

Why choose Maridahdi Community School?

Maridahdi is a small, independent school that can take on a maximum study body of 75. Children from kindergarten through to year 6 are enrolled in this dynamic curriculum.

This is a multi-age space supported by three learning teams. In 2016, there was a kindgergarten room, a prep and year 1 space and then a year 2 to 6 space. The African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child” informs a lot of the philosophy of learning here. Learning comes from the Australian Curriculum, reporting is done in a collaborative way and learning experiences will vary wildly depending on project and individual need.

The key focus areas at Maridahdi are integrity, vitality, risk-taking, awareness of self and others, thought, ownership and responsibility, research in action, commitment, dynamic and responsive action, intuition and communication.

Uniforms at Maridahdi

Students may express their individuality through their clothing choices as long as they meet workplace health and safety requirements and are respectful of themselves and each other.

What sporting and co-curricular options are there Maridahdi Community School?

At Maridahdi students undertake physical activity and co-curricular activities alongside their project based learning. These will differ wildly from student to student as this is a school where “children are placed at the centre of decision-making processes”.

What are the school fees per term?

This is a non-profit community based and managed centre that engages in democratic schooling. The term based fee of $1260 covers everything required. There may be small miscellaneous charges throughout the year for things like excursions and school photos.

What are the boarding options at Maridahdi?

Maridahdi does not have boarding facilities.

Does Maridahdi offer scholarships and how do we apply?

Maridahdi is not currently offering scholarships.

This is a unique learning environment that you have to see for yourself! It could be the perfect fit for your unique little learner.

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