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The Best of Pinterest’s ‘Easy Easter Bonnet’ Ideas!

Looking for some easy Easter bonnet ideas?

Easter is such a wonderful time of year for kids – young and old alike! But if your school is organising an Easter bonnet parade it can turn into a time of stress. Some of these parents go to serious lengths to make their child’s bonnet stand out! If you’re a little time and resource poor but you’ve got your heart in the right place you’ll find and easy Easter bonnet on our list that’s achievable and won’t cost the earth! Hop to it!

Chicken Party Hat

Let’s start with something pretty straight forward! for this easy Easter bonnet just grab a party hat, apply a generous amount of glue and glitter, whack on googley eyes and a beak made out of folded car, feathers and string and you’re done! Imagine how cute your little preppy is going to look with this home-made hen perched atop their little head.

Crazy Critters!

Bunnies ahoy! You can see from these photos what this clever parent has done. It’s simply different coloured cardboard glued together to create the face and ears and then secured together at the back. Quick, easy and it can lay flat in a school bag for easy transportation.

Grandma’s Old Hat easy Easter bonnet idea

This one looks a lot more complex than it is. In fact it is a really easy Easter bonnet! The hat is a ready-made wide brimmed one from your wardrobe. Felt flowers from a craft shop are glued all over it, fake grass around the brim and then a lovely ribbon to secure it all together.

Fascinating Fascinators

This one looks a little bit Melbourne Cup! We can see tulle and netting underneath a topped (you’d be able to get one from any $2 shop) and then it’s all affixed to a headband. You’ll have this one finished quicker than you can say “Trackside, darling!”.

Garden Party

Apply the same design technique as the second image we showed you but this time use pipe cleaners and tissue paper to show a beautiful field of flowers coming up out of the crown. Add ladybugs and creepy crawlies for extra authenticity.


My favourite thing about Easter are those peeps. You know, the funny little chick toys with eyes looking in different directions. Put those peeps to work and have them marching around the brim of a party top-hat. You can add on flowers, grass – whatever you like. Just keep those peeps front and centre where I can see ‘em!

Flutter By

Isn’t this gorgeous! And this would take you all of about five seconds. It’s a pre-existing hat with fake flowers and grass glued to the outside with some silk butterflies on the crown. This is really pretty. Would this be too much for me to incorporate into my every day wear?!

Plucka Duck

Looks a bit like Old Plucka! This is simply a baseball hat with liberal layers of tissue paper and cardboard eyes. And of course, a VERY happy little kid underneath!


How amazing do these guys look! This is just loofas attached to a shower cap held on with a rubber band. Gorgeous, darling. So fashion!

Bird’s Nest

Doesn’t her face just say it all! This is a ready-made birds nest that you’d find in a craft store, some little peepers and some felt eggs all attached to a head band. Easy! Effective! Adorable!

You can craft!

It doesn’t take a fancy sewing machine or some expensive classes to be able to easily make cute stuff like this for your children. Start with one of our simpler ideas here and who knows what you’ll work up to. We might see you at Fashions on the Field in a few years’ time!

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