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First 5 Forever | Visiting Your Local Library

There is no better place to be with young children (and older ones as well) than your local library. Here is EXACTLY why this is a destination that should become part of your regular routine.

Get involved in the First 5 Forever program at your local library today!

Are you keen on a literacy adventure? Your local library should be your first stop. Life’s never boring when you’ve got a library card – it’s the perfect place to start or extend your child’s journey on the path to literacy success.

Language and learning can be drastically enhanced by the very act of sharing stories. The library is the perfect place to start. Here are a number of fantastic reasons as to why you should put a much-needed visit to your local library at the very top of your to do list.

Visiting Your Local Library – Getting Great Ideas

The First 5 Forever program for parents involves Baby Play, Story Time and Rhyme Time as regular weekly staples. These fun and family-friendly events allow parents and their children the opportunity to engage in shared story and song-singing adventures in a safe, accessible and engaging environment.

You can learn brand new songs and get some great ideas about how to make learning fun outside of the library. Life with young children is primed with opportunities to engage in their social, emotional and cognitive development. Story time, bath time, driving time, play time – these are all rich opportunities for you to be able to make a real difference in the life of your child.

It is also a great social opportunity for parents to interact with those in the exact same boat. For some of us, mothers and parents groups can be disappointing when it comes to forging social connections. A visit to your local library, be it for a scheduled activity or a spur-of-the-moment visit is a chance to engage with and connect with like-minded parents. Who knows where these interactions might lead? You may be able to form a little play group or make a lifelong friend.

You might be hard pressed to come up with nursery rhymes and songs to share with your child, particularly if you’ve had little to do with children before growing your own. Shared Rhyme Time activities can act as inspiration for your own musical development and you can bring those songs home with you and put on your own little ‘twist’ as you incorporate them into your daily routine.

These library activities are FUN! It’s a great opportunity to put the humdrum of mundane, everyday life behind you and get out of your comfort zone. Imagine, having fun singing and dancing in front of a group of other adults and their children! It sounds crazy but once you are up there actually doing it there’s nowhere else you’d rather be.

Children are sponges when it comes to learning. At their local library, they will pick up on everything around them. Language, learning, music, rhythm, exploring the world around them and socialising are all on the agenda with a visit to the local library.

Visiting Your Local Library – Giving That Card A Workout

reading at the library

You will be introduced to a world of wonder when you visit your local library. Books, titles and authors you have never heard of, and would never have come across anywhere else, are waiting there to be pored over. The great thing about the children’s areas at local libraries is that most of the picture books are at child-height. This enables your small children to work through their book selections and choose titles that appeal to them visually.

There are comfy places to hunker down and lose yourselves in the world of a good book. The friendly staff ensure that these are safe, comfortable spaces that everyone can access – perfectly designed for families, prams, wheelchairs – anyone! You’ll find any number of comfy nooks and crannies to tuck yourselves away in to get lost in the wonder of words.

Generous loaning limits (up to twenty items at a time) mean that you can walk out the doors with an armful of excellent books to take home and read again and again at your leisure, for up to four weeks! You’ll receive an email reminding you of when your book is due back – a much-needed prompt for those of us who are often too busy to think straight!

Visiting Your Local Library – Fun Extras!

Many of the local Brisbane, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast libraries have interactive play spaces, Lego building areas and a raft of fun after-school and school holiday activities just waiting to be taken advantage of. All you need to do to be involved is to get there! There are always helpful staff just waiting to let you know when the next big event is around the corner.

Visiting Your Local Library – Accessibility and Amenities

Local libraries are designed to be enjoyed by everyone. There is always plenty of room for a pram or a wheelchair. There are parent facilities and change rooms attached to (or close to) nearly every local library that you will come across. Most libraries have ample car parking spaces or they are easily accessible by public transport. These are public places designed to be enjoyed by all in a comfortable, safe and friendly manner. No one’s out of place at the library!

However you get there, you’re bound for a world of fun as soon as you step inside the doors.

Are you interested in the First 5 Forever program?

You don’t need any special equipment or new toys. Visit your local library today to become involved in the FREE First 5 Forever sessions. All are welcome and encouraged to attend! Or visit First 5 Forever for lots of fun and free activities and ideas to try at home. You can also sign up for free weekly tips customised to suit the age of your child.

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