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Get Your Child Ready for Prep with C&K!

This story is brought to you by C&K, a not-for-profit organisation that first opened its doors in Brisbane in 1907. It now has over 350 kindergartens and childcare centres across Queensland. Click here to find your nearest centre or call 1800 177 092. 

Get your child ready for Prep with C&K!

Since 1907, C&K has been empowering Queensland children by filling them with a love of learning. Generations of children have lived, laughed and learned within C&K kindy and childcare indoor and outdoor spaces under the watchful gaze of caring and compassionate educators.

Time have changed since C&K’s beginnings. The education has shiften and children are now in formalised schooling earlier than ever before. Many parents are feeling the pressure of preparing their child for Prep while making sure that they still have the happy, fulfilling childhood they so rightly deserve.

It’s a tricky balance. And it’s one that C&K is expert at handling.

The C&K excellence model

The philosophy at C&K that underpins everything they do is that each child and each family have unique educational and care requirements. Ensuring that there is flexibility in the curriculum delivery, particularly through play-based learning and Nature Play, means that C&K children love learning because they are respected, valued and are at the centre of the decision-making process.

 c&k risky play

Get ready for Prep!

There are FIVE key ways that C&K helps to provide children with the skills they need to succeed in Prep and beyond.

They are:

1. Learning about culture and identity

Inclusion and celebration of diversity is the key to relationship building. Rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach, C&K educators and staff acknowledge the importance of culture and individual identity.  Different perspectives are not only accepted but encouraged.

The relationship between C&K and a child’s family is of vital importance. This collaborative partnership means your child is provided with an optimal learning experience where they are valued and loved as an individual.

2. Providing indoor and outdoor environments where children can be healthy and happy

Play-based learning and Nature Play are the cornerstones of the C&K learning experience. Children are supported in healthy risk-taking where they are encouraged to experiment, engage, innovate and grow based on what they are learning.

Healthy risk-taking is a key factor in supporting the learning and development of your child. At C&K, this experimentation is facilitated by educators who want to help your child be the very best that they can be.

Find your local C&K centre to attend Open Week or take a guided tour to see these spaces in action!

3. Encouraging creativity and imagination

It’s important to understand the connection between literacy and numeracy development and creativity and innovation.

C&K kindergartens and childcares allow children space to explore, problem solve and extend their capabilities across a wide range of learning experiences. This enables them to develop literacy and numeracy through hands-on, fun activities. This allows them to process and retain knowledge at a deeper cognitive level.

Promoting creativity and imagination also means that children are confident and self-assured learners who are not afraid to experiment or try something new.

c&k nature

4. Increasing independence through resilience and self-regulation

C&K’s nurturing educators are highly responsive to the varying needs of the children in their care. They’re there for the difficult moments to provide reassurance but to also encourage the development of resilience.

Resilience and self-regulation are important skills to consider when getting your child ready for Prep.  Resilience means that they will try and try again without giving up and that they’ll be able to recover from disappointments. Self-regulation skills will help with their emotional responses when things get difficult, or they become tired.

5. Teaching and encouraging empathy and kindness

Lastly, C&K firmly believes that empathy and kindness are vital – not only in early childhood, but in life generally. We are part of a global community and, as such, have responsibilities towards each other. It’s all part of relationship building at C&K and kindness and empathy are at the centre of what they do.

Get ready for Prep with C&K!

If you’d like to find out more about the C&K excellence model, or any of their other programs, make sure you get in contact here. 

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