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Mabel Park State High School | Parent Fact Sheet

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Mabel Park High School

Number of Students: 461

Why Choose Mabel Park State High School?

Mabel Park State High School educates secondary students within the Logan City, in a co-ed learning environment.

The school prides itself on delivering high quality education, which is reflected in student’s academic results and personal development.

Mabel Park State High School concentrates on preparing all students to enter the modern world that is forever changing and evolving.  Staff at the school continue to provide challenging and innovative learning practices that are proven and remain effective.

Additional activities offered:  

Extra-curricular activities at Mabel Park Sate High School are varied and interesting, meaning students can learn well beyond the walls of their classroom.  Such activities include: drama, sports and art, usually during lunchtimes when staff volunteer their time to assist in such programs.

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