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Early Childhood Lifelong Learning Centres

It’s off to childcare for thousands of babies, toddlers and kindergarten children this month who will leave their cots with teddies in tow to embrace lifelong learning and nurture friendships.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 366,800 children attended childcare in 2017 with around the same forecast for the year ahead.

Lifelong Learning Centres

There are 150 Lifelong Learning Centres Australia-wide providing early education and childcare for more than 14,000 babies, toddlers and kindergarten children each year.

Children from birth to school and beyond can celebrate a new year of fun and early learning in at more than 50 early education and childcare centres in Queensland offering programs such as: Healthy Beginnings, Early Experiences, School Readiness and Growing Independence.

More than 4,000 babies, toddlers and kindergarten children attended Lifelong Learning Centres statewide in 2019, and according to Dr Lesley Jones, Senior Advisor Pedagogy and Practice, this is when children’s real learning journey begins.

The first five years

School Readiness Affinity Lifelong Learning

Research reveals the first five years of a child’s life is a critical time when children’s brains rapidly develop with up to 90 per cent of brain development having already taken place before a child starts primary school,” Dr Jones said.

“Quality early education and childcare can set your child up for success at school, preparing them emotionally, socially and physically, as well as providing academic foundations for future learning.

“The amount and nature of stimulation and nurturing children receive in these years makes all the difference, and that’s why access to quality early learning is so important.”

Building strong foundations for lifelong learning

According to the Australian Early Development Census conducted last year, 21.7 per cent of children in Grade One were developmentally vulnerable.

Dr Jones said at a time when Australian children are falling behind in terms of literacy and numeracy, access to quality early learning has never been more important.

“The results speak for themselves with children who attend three or more years of quality early learning performing better in maths, science and reading,” she said.

“It’s all play all day at Lifelong Learning Centres, but what the babies, children and preschoolers/kindergarten children probably don’t know is they’re really learning as they go.

“Early socialisation, developing emotional resilience, exposure to reading and numbers, and physical activities can do so much to develop children into confident, capable lifelong learners.”

Dr Jones said the Lifelong Learning Centres deliver unique enrichment programs to suit all ages delivered by qualified educators and teachers.

“Our Lifelong Learning Centres offer safe, secure and nurturing environments as the foundation for an exciting combination of events, incursions, excursions and activities for children throughout each year,” she said.

Healthy Beginnings: Baby Day Care

Tingalpa Babies Lifelong Learning

This program is designed to promote the holistic growth and development of babies through to the first year of their life. Starting with secure attachments formed with educators, babies are encouraged with sensory stimulation to spark curiosity. We help fine motor skill development and use singing, music, art and physical development during our indoor and outdoor playtimes. This program will provide your baby with positive socialisation experiences.

Early Experiences: Toddler Child Care

It’s not all child’s play in this program which provides opportunities for toddlers to develop self-identity through exploration and creativity. They will build confidence through building communication skills, problem solving and resilience. A group dynamic is an ideal platform for them explore languages, music and art. Self-awareness will come naturally through building connections with family and community. Tiny tots can become aware of literacy, math and scientific concepts.

School Readiness: Preschool and kindergarten

Starting school is an exciting time in a child’s lifelong learning journey. Our program supports children’s transition to school. A qualified Early Childhood Teacher will deliver a combination of play-based and teacher-led learning to help children develop an interest in:

  • Sustainability and the natural world
  • Science, technology and math
  • Reading and writing
  • Community events, excursions and contributions
  • Sport, dance and physical development
  • Cultural inclusion
  • School ready skills: lunch box, toileting, dressing and routines.

Growing Independence: Outside Hours School Care

Outside School Hours Care Affinity Education

Some of our centres offer out of school hours care and school holiday programs. These programs are designed to provide a fun, safe and stimulating environment to further develop social skills.

To find a Lifelong Learning Centre near you, call 1800 CHILD CARE or visit: www.lll.edu.au

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