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books for mighty girls
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Are you looking for books for MIGHTY girls? These texts inspire, engage, challenge, excite and invite the girls in your life to be themselves, reach for the stars and push past social and media pressure. They’re so darn good we can’t stop reading them ourselves!

Finding books for mighty girls

It’s important that our girls see positive representations of what it is to be female. If you can’t see it, you can’t be it. The media saturates them with so many poisonous messages about their bodies and how they should be smaller, quieter, more amenable and get boys to like them that all too often our girls wither and fold.

Books for mighty girls means books that challenge those dynamic. Girls to the front! These girls are center stage, unapologetic and living the lives that they want to live. And isn’t that what we want for our own daughters?

Here are some great books to inspire the mighty girls in your house. If you can think of any more please let us know and we’ll happily add them to the list.

Amelia to Zora: Twenty-Six Women Who Changed The World – Cynthia Chin-Lee

These are twenty-six true stories about women who changed the course of history! You could read one together each night and talk about the qualities of each of these inspiring women and how you could apply their spirit and courage to your own lives.

Amelia to Zora

The Paperbag Princess – Robert N. Munsch

This is a classic! It’s about a princess who subverts the idea that the handsome prince has to come and rescue her – and she rescues herself! Talk about books for mighty girls! It’s when she rescues the prince and he’s less than pleased with how un-princess-like she looks that things really get interesting…

The Paper Bag Princess

The Gardener – Sarah Stewart

Lydia loves flowers. And Lydia grows flowers – everywhere. So much so that all the grey neighbourhood, and even her cranky uncle, begin to get a little bit brighter and a little bit brighter. The method of storytelling her is through letters sent home and it’s set in the Depression-era – offering even more opportunity for some discussion and engagement.

The Gardener

My Name Is NOT Isabella: Just How Big Can A Little Girl Dream? – Jennifer Fosberry

Isabella goes on a journey of discovery as she find all about many different women who inspire her – including her own mother! Learning about extraordinary women teaches her about how extraordinary SHE can be as well! This is a great book for kids learning to read as well. 

My Name is not Isabella

Willow – Denise Brennan-Nelson, Rosemarie Brennan

Willow doesn’t colour inside the lines – she breaks crayons! Her trees are PINK! Her apples are BLUE! Her imagination runs wild – but what will her teacher think? This is a great book about square pegs in round holes and how sometimes kids have something to teach adults.


Charlie’s Tales (Series) – Pretty Foundation

This is a series of books with the central character being a strong female who can take on the world around her. The best part about this series of books is that all funds raised go towards promoting positive body images for young girls. Lots of Australian celebrities and social media influencers have thrown their support behind CHARLIE – will you do the same?

books for might girls cassie

Books for MIGHTY girls

While we know a lot of books for OLDER readers, what kind of books would you recommend for YOUNGER ones who need a little inspiration and motivation? If you’ve got any ideas, let us know in the comments!

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