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St Philomena School, Park Ridge | Parent Fact Sheet

Located to the south of Brisbane, in the Logan area, is St Philomena School. A consistently high performing school, this educational institution offers families a real opportunity when it comes to learning and growth. Could this be the school for you?

St Philomena School

This is a private Catholic school for boys and girls from junior up to senior school. At St Philomena, the belief is that without God there is nothing. They are invested in providing excellence via Catholic and classical education for the love of God and learning. 

Education here is done for the sake of learning – not as a means to a particular end. This is a philosophy that shapes much of the teaching and learning in this institution. Here you will find high standards of behaviour, manners and courtesy. This school doesn’t shy away from ‘old school’ teaching but it also embraces modern methods and technologies if they are used for the right reasons. 

The core focus here is children, not fancy terminology or technology. It is about the development of children as individuals who are then able to make full use of the gifts they have received from God and to channel these talents out into the world so that they may help others. 

What co curricular options are available at St Philomena School?

There are a wide variety of music, art and sport options that are available for your child. As these change and shift over the natural course of time, it is probably best that you save your enquiries for a time when you are touring or getting in touch with the school. Your child will naturally gravitate towards particular activities so ask questions that pertain to your individual family. 

What are the school fees at St Philomena School?

This information was current at December 2019. Please note that there are discounts for subsequent children (EG. Your first child will pay one fee but then there will be a reduced fee for your second and so on.)

Primary School: $2840 per year

Secondary School: $4080 per year 

Where can we find more information?

For more information about St Philomena School, you can find them on the web at this link. 

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