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6 of the Best Lunchboxes for School

With all the lunchboxes available these days it is so incredibly difficult to figure out which one will suit you or your small people best. Fret none, we’ve enlisted the help of Kylie, from Kidgredients who has given us the low down on her top six ‘back to school’ lunchboxes.

Yumbox Panino Lunchboxes

Capacity: 750ml

Leakproof: Yes

Price: $40 Little Bento World

yumbox panino school lunchesboxes

This is a great lunchbox for younger kids or kids who have to take their recess or lunch break separately. Each section of the Yumbox Panino seals with the silicone seals on top, meaning it can be used to transport wet (not liquid) foods such as yoghurt, sauces and dips. The tray separates from the case for easy washing in the dishwasher and it is easy to open and close even by a 3 year old. There are loads of funs designs and colours to choose from and it fits in most standard insulated lunchbags. This is a versatile lunchbox you can pack almost anything in, wraps, sushi, sandwiches and also deconstructed lunches.

Lunchbots Cinco Lunchboxes

Capacity: 960 mls

Leakproof: No

Price: $45.95 Little Linky

lunchbots cinco school lunchboxes

If you’re looking for an easy to pack stainless steel lunchbox that has no frills and is easy to use, look no further than the Lunchbots Cinco! This packs an impressive 960mls of food in. Great for big eaters and people who are consciously avoiding plastics. Not being leakproof means you can’t pack wet foods in it (even watermelon) but it does carry dry food exceptionally well. The clean lines and lack of bright colours mean it will appeal well to older kids who have outgrown the kiddy colours of many lunchboxes on the market. This lunchbox stands up to a lot of beating. There are going to be coloured toppers on offer for these early in the new year. This lunchboxes washes easily in the dishwasher and doesn’t stain or smell, regardless of what is packed in it!

Boon Trunk Lunchboxes


Leakproof: No

Price: $22 Little Bento World

best school lunchboxes

With its cute styling and abstract elephant, it’s easy to see why lots of kids love the Boon Trunk for preschool lunches. Although this lunchbox is compartmentalised, the compartments don’t seal individually and it isn’t leakproof, but it’s great for lunches that are taken into preschool or school with care and kept upright. This lunchbox holds a lot of food, but takes a bit of getting used to due to the unusual shapes of the compartments. The lid can be difficult to remove, so it’s best for kids who have help at lunchtime. It washes really well in the dishwasher and there are now lunchbags available that fit it!

Sistema Triple Split Lunchboxes

Capacity: 2000mls

Leakproof: No, leakproof containers

Prices: $11.99 (supermarkets) or personalised $20.95 from Name My Stuff

sistema triple split school unchboxes

This lunchbox allows you to pack two full sandwiches plus sides and is ideal for a big eater with 2L capacity. The Sistema Triple Split has a leakproof container that allows you to pack wet foods such as yoghurt without worrying about them leaking over other items. The three compartment design allows an apple to fit in the lunchbox as well, which is a big plus for some kids. The whole lunchbox is not leakproof, despite the compartments but you can purchase more of the leakproof containers separately, making this quite a versatile lunchbox. The lid separates easily from the base and is held in place with clips. It is easy to wash in the dishwasher. There are different coloured clip options at the supermarket, or full coloured lunchboxes are available from Name My Stuff.

Fuel Bento Lunchboxes

Capacity: 1300mls

Leakproof: No

Price: $25 Little Bento World

fuel bento school lunchboxes

The Fuel Bento is a sleek and attractive lunchbox with adult/teen styling that allows you to pack a variety of foods. The lunchbox holds 1300 mls so plenty of food for a decent lunch and the packing options are endless. The two internal containers are able to go in the microwave and are held in place by the larger outside container. It all washes easily in the dishwasher and although not completely leakproof can hold its contents fairly well. It can hold a full sandwich but was fairly difficult for a 3 year old and also 5 year old to open during testing. This lunchbox would be ideal for teens or even adults to use for taking lunches!

Planet Box Rover Lunchboxes

Capacity: 1064mls

Leakproof: No, leakproof containers

Price: from $84.95 Biome

planet box rover school lunchboxes

Stainless steel wins for many parents, especially as it is virtually indestructible. The Planet Box Rover is built to last. The lunchbox, is expensive, with a starting price of $84.95, but it is designed to withstand the tests of time. The lunchbox comes with two containers which are leakproof when they are held in place by the lid and clasp. The lunchbox is easy to open and washes like brand new in the dishwasher. Magnets and also bags are available as part of a Planet Box Rover Kit that means you can personalise your lunchbox to suit your child (or yourself). This lunchbox allows a good variety of foods to be packed and is well laid out to accommodate a bento style lunch.

Full reviews for these and comparison charts for 21 lunchboxes are available at Kidgredients. Click through for links to where to buy too!

This article was published in Issue 14 of our print magazine, February/March 2016.

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