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Kip McGrath Albany Creek | The Benefits of Tutoring for Children


After school tutoring and supplementary education for children is growing. More and more parents are seeing the many reasons why tutoring is one of the most wonderful gifts they can give their children. Kip McGrath Albany Creek delivers that gift.

At school, teachers are dedicated to education and they give their utmost so that their students will have the best chance of success in their studies. The drawback is that teachers are only human! They do their best to know the learning styles of all their students, their personalities and their levels of understanding of every concept. This is a very difficult task given that they can have 20-30 students in each class. Even the very best teacher cannot be there at every moment to ensure that every child has learnt everything they need to know in an entire year.

Knowing your child’s learning rhythm

Kip McGrath tutoring offers children the chance to catch up on anything they have missed at school. A lot of work is covered during the school day and children are not passive vessels. Sometimes they are simply not switched on. Our tutors can work with the student’s learning rhythm. Depending on what is being studied, the age of the child and their mood, our tutors will adjust the program so that optimum learning can take place. Needless to say, that kind of individual attention is quite impossible in a classroom situation!

The individualised instruction from our tutors makes it possible for students to learn in the ways that work best for them. What suits one child may not suit another. All students have their own unique style of learning and a qualified tutor will know this and allow the student to gain control over their learning. This results in increased confidence and empowerment which leads to greater enthusiasm and better results back in school.

Kip McGrath tutoring methods

Our tutoring methods give children a way of proactively improving their education. This is true for students who are at the top of the class and also for those who just can’t seem to ‘keep up’. Going along every week for tutoring reminds them that they are working towards an important goal. We see confidence growing week by week and our students feel happy about their learning.

Here is some feedback from one of our parents:

“We received ______’s maths results this week and couldn’t be happier with the change!!  She has gone from a D- to an A- while being tutored by you!!  This result shows not only how much effort she has put into her study but also the commitment and understanding you have given her. I can’t thank you enough, it’s really boosted her confidence and she’s so much happier to do maths now that she understands the basics.”

Book a free assessment at Kip McGrath Albany Creek

We offer a free assessment to establish your child’s needs and use this as the basis for your child’s individualised learning program. Contact us today to see if we can help your child or visit our website to book a free assessment.

Essential Facts about our tutoring

  • Qualified teachers, all registered with Queensland College of Teachers.
  • Monday to Friday after school and Saturday mornings.
  • In centre or online face-to-face tutoring available.
  • Australian Tutoring Association member.
  • Year 1 – 12 maths and English.
  • Albany Creek, Eaton’s Hill, Warner, Bridgeman Downs, Strathpine, Bray Park, Brendale, Joyner and Lawnton.

Contact Kip McGrath Albany Creek

Phone: 0417 864 285
Email: albanycreek@kipmcgrath.com.au
Web: Click here

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