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Number of Students:


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Why Choose Ironside State School?

Ironside State School has a reputation for academic excellence. Opened in 1870, the school has a rich history and tradition with a learner-centred community.

The school is highly multicultural, with approximately a third of students born outside Australia and more than 40 nationalities represented. Students are surrounded by various cultures, religious beliefs and languages, which creates an environment that helps develop tolerance, understanding and an global perspective on life.

Ironside embraces the idea of parents as first teachers, and has implemented a program to utilise parent expertise across the school.

Curriculum and Extracurricular activities offered:

Ironside’s distinctive curriculum offers extension programs in Mathematics and Science for students in Year 6. Year 6 students also undertake Japanese language and culture activities.

An Intensive Guided Reading program is implemented for students in Prep- Year 3, while students in all years are involved in the Artist-in-Residence Program.

Students from Prep to Year 5 take part in a Student Relations program which is based on the Values Education Framework and the ‘You Can Do It’ Program.

Ironside also has a program for Outstanding English as another Language or Dialect (EAL/D). This supports the needs of approximately 300 students.

The school offers an instrumental music program with tuition in strings, brass, woodwind and percussion. Students can join the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Choirs, and a contemporary music ensemble.

Facilities at Ironside State School:

School facilities include an arts and science building, library resource centre and music rooms. There is also a hall, tuckshop, and book and uniform shops. Students have dedicated adventure playgrounds for junior and senior years. The school also has a swimming pool, oval, two tennis courts and a multi-purpose court for basketball and netball.

Other information:

Ironside has a Swim Club for students to take part in both social and competitive swimming. The school is run by dual Olympic and Commonwealth Games swimmer, Georgie Parkes, and aims to have all students water safe and swimming independently by the end of Year 1.

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