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Everton Park State High School | Parent Fact Sheet

Everton Park State High School

Number of Students: 665

Why Choose Everton Park State High School?

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Everton Park State High School provides a contemporary and dynamic education with a focus on bright futures for all students.  Situated on picturesque grounds with modern facilities, students at the school benefit from a wide range of learning opportunities in both vocational and academic arenas.

Students at Everton Park State High are given the best opportunity to excel, in a futures oriented learning environment supported by enthusiastic staff.  Students are well engaged, and provided with teaching and learning strategies to individualise their specific needs.

Over the past three years Everton Park State High has achieved above the state average results for Year 12 graduates as well as a NAB Schools First Impact Award Grant and a Showcase Award for Excellence for outstanding community partnerships.

The school has successful ongoing links with local businesses to help guide students onto future career pathways.

Everton Park State High fosters a strong partnership with parents, families and the local community, to help and support students in all year levels achieve success.

Additional activities offered:

The school follows a ‘Create Bright Futures’ study curriculum.

Local primary schools have established links with the High School to help with the transition from primary school to secondary under the Schools for the Future Alliance.  Primary school teachers work together with Everton Park State High school to offer programs to support the learning needs of students moving up to secondary education.

Junior year levels study the National Curriculum in English, mathematics, history and science, as well as QCAR programs in the arts, Chinese, health & physical education and technology.

Year 10 students follow the Australian National Curriculum and QCAR, and start a three year course of Everton Park State High School Leadership and Futures (ELF) Program that includes Certificate II in Workplace Practices.  In year 10, students are guided toward career pathways, done via the comprehensive Senior Education and Training (SET) planning process.

Senior level students are prepared for University study, TAFE programs or the workforce under the school’s curriculum.  Links with businesses and tertiary education facilities provide Everton Park State High school students with future career goals.

Extra-curricular activities include:

  • Debating and speaking competitions
  • Lions Youth of the Year
  • APE – Academic Program of Excellence
  • Student Representative Council
  • Chess club
  • Readers cup
  • Book club
  • Music evening
  • Arts night
  • School band
  • Outdoor education camps
  • Vietnam Leadership and Community Expeditions
  • School tutorials in English, mathematics and science after hours

Other info about Everton Park State High School:

Everton Park State High School follows a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiative which enables all students to bring their own technology devices that are outlined in the school’s approved ‘Everton Park State High School BYOD list’.

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