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Babysitters Brisbane | How can local families access qualified carers?

When you’re caught short for help looking after the kids, who you gonna call? Babysitters Brisbane! Here are some tips from real families…

Babysitters Brisbane – what do we need to know?

There are plenty of options for finding au pairs and nannies in Brisbane but what if you’re looking for something a little more casual? Not all of us are lucky enough to have close by family or friends – but all of us deserve the opportunity to relax! A night at the movies, a cheeky dinner out, even an afternoon to yourself to get your hair done or do nothing! A babysitter can mean the difference between a happy parent and a burnt-out one.

Where can I hire a babysitter?

If your children are already in childcare or kindy, chances are that some of the staff there are involved in some casual babysitting outside of hours. The HUGE benefit of this would obviously be that your child already knows or has interacted with this carer. They’ll be qualified, certified and trained. Ask your childcare director if anyone in the centre is doing casual babysitting. They may have connections to carers in other centres if there’s no one available in yours.

The Facebook group Brisbane Babysitters has over 5000 members! This is where Brisbane families come to connect with professional babysitters. You can see sitters who have been recommended by other group members and everyone in this private group needs to have admin approval to participate.

Find a Babysitter is another way to connect with a local sitter. There is a joining and monthly fee but once you’ve made a connection with someone good you don’t have to continue to pay. Everyone on the site has their accreditation ready and able to be immediately checked. This is a great place to vet sitters and get a ‘feel’ for who might be a good connection with your family.

What do I need to look for when finding babysitters Brisbane?

You need to make sure that you check the following:

  • Does this person have a criminal background check, first aid certificate and other qualifications that I can CHECK and SEE for myself?
  • Does this person have both private and personal references that I can CHECK myself?
  • How does this person interact with my children?
  • Does the child-raising philosophies that this person have align with our household beliefs?
  • How much does this person charge an hour? (Please note – casual babysitting for professional carers is usually around the $25 an hour mark)
  • Can this person drive if necessary?
  • Does this person have good communication skills?

Babysitters Brisbane – got any ideas?

If you’ve had any success with a particular sitter or agency and you’re happy to share your info with families in need, please let us know in the comments!

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