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Albany Creek State High School
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Albany Creek State High School

Number of Students: 1103

Why Choose Albany Creek State High School?

With a focus on both the arts and football, Albany Creek State High School works in partnership with coaching organisations and universities to provide a unique learning opportunity to its students. As well as being a school rich in creative and artistic production, plus a strong focus on performance skills and sporting ability, students are exposed to a variety of extracurricular programs which include a biannual musical tour of Japan, and inter-school academic championships and national competitions.

Additional activities offered:

The school’s technology enriched environment means all year 9 to 12 students are exposed to a 1-1 laptop program, as such, students have an opportunity to apply independent digital technologies into their learning.

Two of the school’s Excellence Programs were accredited in 2013:

  • Excellence Program in The Arts; Performance and Production.   Students can focus on further studies in contemporary dance, digital technology in the visual and creative arts, and winning performances of the instrumental music ensembles.
  • Excellence Program in Football. Students can work on skills and agility in football and soccer.

Albany Creek State High School also offers a Special Education Program to students with a verified disability, granting them access to the support of a special education case manager.

Facilities at Albany Creek State High School:

The Albany Creek State High School performing arts centre completed in 2014, is used for dance, drama, music and multimedia, with additional learning spaces for English and SOSE. The multimedia facility includes an editing suite, green room, professional music centre recording studio and sound proof rooms.

A recent school refurbishment concluded with 8 classrooms updated for year 7 students, and incorporated a new special needs unit and 2 upgraded senior science laboratories.

Other facilities include a multi-purpose sports centre, library, independent learning centre, business education, home economics, industrial technology & design and special education as well as a pristine oval with landscaped grounds.

Other info about Albany Creek State High School:

Senior students are encouraged to undertake a SAT. SATs offer students with an opportunity to gain experience with an employer whilst studying for their QCE. SATs are hands-on working experiences that can include a variety of occupations ranging from placements in aged care, automotive, hospitality, tourism and more.

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