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Schoolkids Bonus Payment

Schoolkids Bonus Payment | January & July 2016 dates

The Schoolkids Bonus payment is designed to contribute towards the cost of education and is paid by the Australian Government to eligible families. This payment is being phased out in 2016. However, in 2016 there will still be two installments of the bonus for eligible families – paid automatically in January and July.

Who is eligible for the Schoolkids Bonus this year?

  • a parent or carer receiving Family Tax Benefit Part A for a dependent child in primary or secondary education
  • a primary or secondary student younger than or turning 19 years of age in the calendar year receiving certain government payments
  • there is also an income test

Payment dates for Schoolkids bonus

The payment dates will fall between the 5 – 18 July 2016. As per the table below:

  • If you normally receive your payments fortnightly and you receive income support your Schoolkids Bonus will be paid on the same day as your income support;
  • If you receive Family Tax A, it will be paid on the day before your payment date;
  • If you share the care of your child with another person, you will receive a percentage of this payment. This will be based on the percentage of Family Tax Benefit you receive for the child;
  • If you claim Family Tax Benefit as a lump sum, your Schoolkids Bonus will be paid when your lump sum claim is assessed, and after you and your partner have lodged your tax returns – you can change your payment choice at any time to receive Family Tax Benefit fortnightly and receive Schoolkids Bonus when the next payment is due in January or July, but your new payment option will only apply to the remaining part of the year

Schoolkids bonus July payments 2016

How much is the Schoolkids bonus?

In 2016 there are two instalments – one in January 2016 and one in July 2016. These are paid automatically to eligible families.

  • $215 for each child who is a primary student x 2 (one payment in January and one payment in July)
  • $428 for each child who is a secondary student x 2 (one payment in January and one payment in July)

You do not have to do anything if you are eligible – however if you have checked your eligibility and education details and you have not received your payment, please wait until after 18 July 2016 before contacting Centrelink. 

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