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7 Worst Mother’s Day Gifts | Don’t even think about giving us these!

Never give a gift that suggests someone needs improvement! It’s a great adage to live by. Check out this list of ‘worst Mother’s Day gifts’ ideas… yes, these have really been given!

It’s supposed to be a day to celebrate and show appreciation for bringing your child into the world, raising them and generally being a mum. Unfortunately it isn’t all chocolates, roses and good coffee.

Every year you see mums posting their loot all over Facebook, thrilled with how much thought their kids and husbands/partners have put into their Mother’s Day gifts. And while it certainly is the thought that counts, what about the times when the message goes a bit haywire and the gift misses the mark?

Gifts that make you go ummm… errr… I love it?

We see the excitement on our children’s little faces and we wouldn’t dare hint that the gift is not something you love. But come on, why didn’t it cross anyone’s mind that these gifts (while not only being crap gifts) are not following the adage above ‘never give a gift that suggests someone needs improvement’…. husbands, partners, fathers… remove these items from your list, right now!

Gym membership

I’m sure we must have mentioned that we’d love to get into shape and tone up at some point in the future, but that doesn’t mean we want it to be pushed on us. This same rule applies for personal trainer vouchers and bulk buy boot camp passes. Mother’s Day is supposed to be about making us feel good (like a spa day), not suggesting we need to work on our figure.

Diet cookbooks

I’m sure there are mums out there that love to cook and would love the latest celebrity chef cookbooks. This does not in any way, shape or form mean you should be gifting us mums a book full of diet meals that we can prepare for the family. Let us eat cake (and chocolate)!

Bathroom scales

I sense a theme here; what is with insinuating that we need to lose some extra kilos?


A nighty or pj’s … maybe! But why on Earth would it even cross their minds to buy us ‘sucker-inner-ers’? One could argue they are trying to improve our confidence so we can leave the house without muffin tops and wobbly bits showing but if we were really that concerned we’d buy our own.

Self-help books

Just in case you felt confident and on top of the world, this will knock you down a few pegs. Self-help books (of any kind) are not an acceptable Mother’s Day gift… ever.

Vacuum cleaner

Actually appliances of any kind. Are you suggesting that the floor isn’t clean enough and subtly using the vacuum as a way to say pick up your cleaning game?

Parenting books

Why? You are still alive, healthy and have more than you could possibly ever need. What would suggest that I need parenting books? Well…..

Over the years I have received some memorable Mother’s Day gifts; some amazing and some that left me scratching my head. Perhaps in future I should hint that I want something practical and luscious like a trip to the bathroom ALONE.

What has been the worst Mother’s Day gift you have received?

This is a guest post written by Kell Kelly.

Kell can be found over at All Mum Said delivering an honest account of life as a time-poor mum, hilarious parenting fails and everything else that motherhood entails. The mama bear in her looks after her readers by ensuring there is fresh and exciting content and a great range of reviews and giveaways for her fans.

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