The Wizard’s Brunch is Coming to Brisbane!

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Grab your Harry Potter Great Hall attire, Brisbane. We’re about to gather for a meal of well-mannered frivolity. There’s a huge wizard-themed brunch heading our way and we’re collating all the details as they come to hand!!

If you haven’t heard of The Wizards’ Brunch, it was an event that happened in Sydney and Melbourne and looks like it will happen again in Melbourne in January 2019!!

Apparently  around 2,500 witches and wizards packed some of the city’s foodie hot-spots for a series of magical brunches: spells, potions, vampires, poached eggs, the works. It got so popular they had to add dinner sessions!

And the team from The Wizards’ Brunch just announced the big news: they’re coming to Brisbane!

The location and date is still unknown – but they say that they are definitely coming to Brisbane!! We will let you know as soon as WE know – we also want to know if this is open to kids!!!

There’s a video of the Sydney sessions:

Pre-sale RSVPs are open now, so we suggest getting on that ASAP, as we reckon this will sell out. Quickly.

From the Wizards’ Brunch website: Experience a brunch like no other.  A unique experience that combines dining with immersive entertainment – learn spells, drink magic potions and eat foods set for a wizard all set in a magical hall in the heart of the city. It’s time to dust off those broomsticks, wash off your gowns and get ready for the biggest brunch happening this year!

The Details

Where: Brisbane, location top secret!
When: Dates TBC
Get on the pre-sale ticket list here.

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