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What’s On in Brisbane Today for Families

If you are looking for what’s on in Brisbane today for families, then you have come to the right place. We have all the local events, activities and fun things to do that is suitable for families listed below to ensure your ‘today’ is the best day that you can have in Brisbane with your family.

What’s on in Brisbane today for families

We’ve got a list of awesome ideas of things to do with your family in Brisbane today!

If you are looking for activities for your family for today, or things to do this weekend in Brisbane, you should definitely check out out ‘Families Fun’ calendar. The calendar on our website will give you a day by day list of activities for your kids in Brisbane. The calendar of events will also give you the details of each event, the time, date and cost of the event as well as a link to find more information! Perfect! Just click on the image of calendar below to find out everything you need to know for your Brisbane kids!

Days out in Brisbane

Brisbane is blessed with an average of 283 days of sunshine per year! So heading outside is a winner on just about every opportunity! Click on the image to find what’s on in Brisbane today and other days too!

Free things to do in Brisbane

You don’t need a whole lot of cash to splash to find things to do with your kids in Brisbane. If you are looking to find what’s on in Brisbane today and you want to know what the free choices are… we’ve got you covered. They say the best things in life are free and we agree so go out and get amongst it. Click on the image below to wing your way to all the free activities for families in and around Brisbane

Families reviews

Not sure if the event or activity you have planned for your kids is a winner or a dud? Check out our Families reviews to see. Most have video reviews so you can be sure that what you see is what you get. Click on the image below to read and watch all you need to know and feel free to update us on how much you loved it!

Festivals in Brisbane

Ah Brisbane! You never cease to amaze us with the number and variety of festivals you have on offer for families. We have a whole category dedicated to Brisbane Festivals. Want to know what festival is on in Brisbane today? Click on the image and all the knowledge will be yours!

Leisure attractions

Most of these leisure attractions are open all day every day so you can be sure, if you are looking to find what’s on in Brisbane today, there’s a fair chance that you and your family will have great time at one of the many fmaily friendly leisure attractions around Brisbane. Click on the photo to be taken to the long, long, list of local favourite leisure attractions sure to please!

Local libraries

Local libraries are a fantastic way to engage your little ones and even your bigger ones from  Monday – Saturday. The Brisbane City Council has extended their library opening hours on Saturdays and we’ve got the lowdown on what is on in Brisbane today at your local library. From nursery rhymes, to story time to computer clubs, robotics and even books! They’ve got something for every member of your family. Click on the image below to find out more.

Swimming pools

Remember how we mentioned all that sunshine earlier… well it is also warm enough most of the year to enjoy our local swimming pools in Brisbane. And even when it isn’t you can easily find a heated pool in Brisbane. Summer, autumn, winter and spring… anytime of year is good to swim in Brisbane. Click on the pool below to find all the summer and winter swimming pools in Brisbane.

Theatres & performing arts centres

There are plenty of Brisbane performing arts centres and local venues which host kid and families shows in Brisbane. Some have great kids programs; others have whole festivals dedicated to children. If you are looking for what’s on in Brisbane today for families click on the image below. If you are looking for shows that are on for kids in Brisbane over any school holidays click here and scroll down to the bottom.

Special events

Whilst you might be looking for what’s on today you might also be looking for Brisbane’s ‘special events’… and boy do we have plenty that are suitable for families. From Australia Day to the EKKA to Christmas in the City and family friendly New Year’s Eve celebrations, we’ve got them all for you. Click on the parade photo below to find them all now!

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