REVIEW: Tube Superstar from Zuru Toys Helps Kids Vlog Like Pros!

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We got a hold of the Tube Superstar from Zuru Toys and asked Master 11 to create a video and write us a review.

Here is what he said:

The ‘Tube Superstar is a fun toy that your kids can use to film their own videos and vlogs. The TubeSuperstar app allows you to add your own filters stickers and animations to the video.

What Is The Tube Superstar?

The ‘Tube Superstar’ is a microphone attached to a selfie stick so you can hear your voice much better. The app you can download allows you to add your own filters, stickers and much more to your video. You can make a vlog, compete in a challenge and even give a tutorial. The multiple QR Codes on the microphone allow you to add special features to your video, such as, laser show, disco ball, technicolour and many more.

Why Should You Pick The Tube Superstar?

I think the ‘Tube Superstar’ is a must have for families with kids who love to film their own vlogs, or other videos. You no longer have to yell at your phone (and deafen the rest of your street) just so the camera can hear you, you simply just plug in the cord to your phone (or if you have an iPhone 8, 8 Plus or iPhone X, simply attach the adaptor to your phone and plug the cord into that instead.)

The cool filters and stickers can make such a boring background into something nobody has ever seen before. The microphone is really easy to hold and the phone holder adjusts to your phone size, or if you want, you can just manage to squeeze the case into that to.

Our Experience

Our experience with the ‘Tube Superstar’ was that it was a really fun and easy to use toy, and we loved to make funny videos with it. It was super easy to use and the app was just awesome. It was really cool watching the videos we made and knowing that this is much better than just using the camera on your phone. We found the sound quality was really good and the filters were amazing. Our family loved watching our adventures and we made great memories. With a long extendable arm, you can get a great view of what’s around you as well as you. Overall this is a fantabulous product and that your kids will love as much as I do!

It costs $24.99.

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