Ten Toes Yoga & Natural Health, NS

Ten Toes Yoga & Natural Health

Once upon a time…

a girl was grateful for Yoga.  Yoga had changed her life.  She had started on a path to better health, more settled emotions and a deeper peace than she had known before and it was Yoga’s doing.  Yoga gave the girl’s muscles work to do, it showed her how to breathe in a way that generated stamina as well as calmness and it also taught her mind to focus.

The girl moved to Brisbane and it was hard to find a Yoga class to go to in order to keep receiving Yoga’s gifts.  Secretly she knew that when she practiced Yoga at home, she skipped the bits she found hardest.  She was earnest and wanted to be accountable for her practice.  She also knew that it was practising Yoga in a group, with a teacher, that kept the energy in her practice and inspired her to reach for more and more of Yoga’s gains.

And so it was, that she began offering Yoga classes in Brisbane on 27 August 2006 and Ten Toes came into the world.

She worked hard to spread the word that Yoga had helped her and could help others, too.  The classes grew and grew and after a time more space was needed.

Now Ten Toes has two lovely Yoga studios in Brisbane – Fortitude Valley and Ascot – and a vibrant community of Yogis and Yoginis all making their lives more beautiful by working their bodies hard, breathing deeply and training their minds…all learning how to truly take care of themselves.

65 James Street, Fortitude Valley,
Queensland Australia