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Climbing Table Top Mountain Toowoomba with Kids!

If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous as well as an opportunity to get the kids moving and improve their endurance, Table Top Mountain Toowoomba is a beautiful place to hike. The pay off for their hard work of hiking to the top will be the beautiful views and lovely natural picnic spaces on the flat, ‘table top’ surface of the mountain.

Table Top Mountain Toowoomba

Table Top Mountain is on the very edge of Toowoomba and provides stunning views of the Lockyer Valley. Get there by following South St South until it turns into Tabletop drive.

What is the trail like for children?

Table Top Mountain is definitely a workout! It could be a little slippery when wet, so try to choose a sunny day for your hike. It might be too much for young children so be sure to factor in their fitness levels and take plenty of water breaks when needed.

What can you do at the top of Table Top Mountain?

There are some beautiful picnic spots to have lunch and rest once you reach the top. You can also take some great photos with the view behind you and enjoy the scenery and wildlife.

How long does it take to get to the top?

If you are climbing the mountain with kids you might want to dedicate a whole morning or afternoon to the activity, including your picnic time.

What should you take if hiking with kids?

Make sure you pack sunscreen, hats, water, snacks and your mobile phone when tackling Table Top mountain with the kids. It wouldn’t hurt to take a small first aid pack too in case of any bumps or scrapes along the way.

Things to see and do around Table Top Mountain

If you don’t feel like carrying an entire lunch up the mountain, you can always go to Picnic Park point to enjoy your lunch afterwards. It still has great views of the mountain which you can enjoy while you eat. Toowoomba’s centre is just nearby and perfect for sightseeing or enjoying a café or restaurant meal.

Table Top Mountain Toowoomba is perfect for a sunny morning or afternoon adventure with the kids, and even your dog. Kids will love walking, hopping and scrambling over rocks to get to the top while coming across many locals who climb the mountain on weekends. The view and rest at the top will definitely be worth it!

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