Sustainability for Kids

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Sustainability for Kids: Making Their World a Better Place

Healthy Habits for Life

When teaching sustainability to kids, it’s not about doom and gloom environmental issues. Learning about sustainability is actually heaps of fun and something positive that we can all contribute to with our actions every single day. Educating kids about sustainability is really about teaching them healthy habits that contribute towards making our environment a healthier place. Some of these healthy habits for life include recycling, upcycling, fixing things, reducing waste, caring for pets and animals and caring for plants.

Everyday sustainability

The best place to start is to look at your own daily routines that promote sustainable practices and start to explain why you do them in words your kids will understand. This is a great way to start a conversation about sustainability with your child.

  • We put paper in the recycle bin so more trees don’t have to be cut down. Tree’s make our world beautiful, make homes for animals and keep our air clean.
  • We take your own shopping bags instead of using plastic bags at the shops to help protect birds and animals in the ocean.
  • We recycle our glass bottles to save resources and reduce greenhouse gases to keep our air clean.
  • We try to fix things instead of throwing them out.
  • We always turn out lights when we’re finished to save energy which helps our environment.
  • We put our kitchen waste in the compost bin or worm farm to create food for our garden.
  • We try to choose environmentally friendly products when we go shopping.
  • We reduce waste water by turning off the taps and using the half flush button on our toilet.

Some of the words that kids use to describe sustainability are:

  • “Taking care of the air, water, land and those who live there”
  • “Making the world a better place for our future”
  • “Thinking about what you need rather than taking what you want”
  • Taking care of the planet and all its creatures

Get involved in your local environment

Promoting sustainability for kids also means helping them develop an appreciation and respect for their local and world environment. Spending time in nature makes learning about the environment fun, exciting and healthy. Some ideas to help kids begin to think about and understand sustainability include:

  • Learning how plants grow and produce oxygen and food for everyone in their town, their country and on the entire planet – visit your local community vegetable garden, organise a farm stay holiday for the family or a family bushwalk through rainforest.
  • Learning about the cycle of water from rain clouds to rivers – plan a trip to your local dam or put a rain gauge in your garden to measure rainfall.
  • Visit or call your local council about worm farm and composting courses for kids.
  • A trip to the zoo or animal park can help to promote awareness of how our sustainable practices at home can help protect animals by keeping their natural environments safe and clean.

Once you start thinking about sustainability for kids you’ll see that there are endless opportunities in your day to day life to encourage the young and old to help make our world a better place for our kids tomorrow.

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