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It is VITAL Babies and Young Children Attend a Drowning Prevention Program

– until they have attained a high degree of INDEPENDENT Drowning Prevention Skills –

At SUPERFISH, we teach a healthy respect of aquatic environments, and skills taught that will assist young children SURVIVE if they found themselves in a potentially deadly aquatic environment.

Always, as a parent, know HOW to do activities, WHY your child is doing it, and WHAT they are working towards – INDEPENDENT Swimming!

YES! You CAN achieve this with TODDLERS!!  IF they are taught the RIGHT Way!

Drowning Prevention Lessons need to be a priority, especially for ‘Under 5’s’.

Can your ‘Under 5’ –

  • FLOAT INDEPENDANTLY for 30secs or more in rough water? NO Parents holding!!!
  • Paddle independently and roll onto their backs to float?
  • Swim without floaties or back bubbles?
  • Swim and Lift their head to breath?
  • Jump into a pool  – and paddle independently back to the side of the pool?
  • Tread Water, with their head above water?
  • Comfortably swim, dressed in clothes and shoes? Children need to experience the feeling of being in the water with the extra weight of being fully clothed.

2 lessons per week, with NO BREAKS is necessary to see results, including skills outlined, with babies and young children, as early as possible.

6 months old is a perfect age to commence these classes. The earlier a child is taught these skills, the safer and more confident they will be around aquatic environments.

UNDER 6 Months Qualify for our FREE Baby Water Familiarisation Program.

Ensuring your baby or young child receives programs with drowning prevention activities, is the best way to protect them from drowning. NOTHING prevents drowning like ADULT SUPERVISION!

Children, in particular those under five years of age, are the most vulnerable people in our population at risk of drowning. DONT Wait till School!!

What will be taught to my ‘Under 5’? 

Breath control – take a breath before submerging in the water.

Hold their breath – while submerging in water

Take a Breath – while paddling

Independent Floating  – FACE UP Float

Rolling onto their backs from a submerged position

How to reach up, grab and turn, for the pools edge.

How to stay horizontal in the water by paddling arms and kicking legs.

How to combine swimming and floating if getting to the side is not a possibility

Regular lessons in full clothing, nappy and shoes.


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