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St Saviour’s Primary School | Parent Fact Sheet

Are you considering St Saviour’s Primary School for your little ones? Read our parent fact sheet to find out more.

Why choose St Saviour’s Primary School?

St Saviour’s Primary School is Toowoomba’s oldest Catholic school and caters for approximately 380 coeducational students from prep to year six. This is a school absolutely committed to making a difference in a rapidly changing world. The goal here is for children to become lifelong learners with excellent groundings in the fields of literacy and numeracy. Dedicated staff work tirelessly to instil the skills, attitudes and values that will make St Saviour’s Primary School students valuable members of the community after they leave the school gates.

This school offers an innovative, dynamic curriculum supported by a forward-thinking approach to technology and pedagogy. A holistic model of education is sought after, wherein the physical, spiritual, social and emotional growth of each student is supported with academic achievement and a sense of self-discipline.

What sporting and co-curricular options are there at St Saviour’s Primary School?

Students can take part in the following sporting activities: (Please note that these will vary each year)

  • Swimming
  • ALF
  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Netball
  • Cross-country
  • Athletics

Students can take part in the following co-curricular activities:

  • Instrumental music programme
  • Choir
  • Lifeskills
  • Mini Vinnies
  • Mathletics
  • Reading Eggs

What are the school fees per term?

The following figure represents general tuition. Other charges will apply. Please note that there is a discount for subsequent children from the same family.

  • $464 per term

What are the boarding options at St Saviour’s Primary School?

St Saviour’s Primary School does not have boarding facilities.

Does St Saviour’s Primary School offer scholarships and how do we apply?

St Saviour’s Primary School is not currently offering scholarships.

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