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St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School Mango Hill | Parent Fact Sheet


Are you looking for information about St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School Mango Hill? We have the facts you may need.

Number of students:


Kind of school:

Religious (Catholic)

Why choose St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School?

St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School provides a high-quality 21st century Catholic education that focuses on creating authentic learning opportunities for all students.

The school’s vision is “We walk in God’s ways where together we live, love, learn and celebrate”. Teaching reflects local, national and global contexts, and brings faith and culture into school life. Students are provided with opportunities to celebrate their success and talents, while achieving a high standard of learning.

Curriculum and extracurricular activities offered:

St Benedict’s has implemented the Australian Curriculum in English, Maths, Science, History and Geography.

The Queensland Curriculum is used for The Arts, Health & Physical Education, Technology, Information Communication & Technologies, and Languages (Chines for Years 5-6).

Prep to Year 2 students are taught according to the Early Years Curriculum Guidelines.

Facilities at St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School:

St Benedict’s has its own tennis courts, cafe, outside school hours care, library and resource centre.

Other information:

St Benedict’s has adopted a whole school approach to social and emotional education by introducing the You Can Do It (YCDI) Education Program. Developed in Australia at the University of Melbourne, the program teaches children different skills they need to experience positive relationships and be successful in school.

The Program focuses on five core social and emotional skills: confidence, persistence, organisation, getting along, and resilience. YCDI teaches students how they can influence their emotions and behaviours by changing their thinking. It aims to develop 12 positive Habits of the Mind (e.g. self-acceptance, acceptance of others,high frustration tolerance) and eliminate negative Habits of the Mind (e.g. self-deprecation, low frustration tolerance).


Website: http://www.stbenedicts.qld.edu.au


22 St Benedicts Close, Mango Hill, Queensland, Australia

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