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solar system for kids
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Are you working on a school project about space? We looked up SOLAR SYSTEM FOR KIDS and found some out of this world facts you might like to use in your assignment! If you’ve got any of your own, make sure you add them in the comments so other students can benefit from YOUR knowledge!

Solar System For Kids – Cool Facts To Pump Up Your Assignment

Looking for that little extra ‘pop’ for your assignment about space? Try these on for size!

  • Feeling hot today? The HOTTEST planet in our solar system (Venus) is about 450 degrees!
  • There is no way of knowing how many stars there are in space. Astronomers think that in the Milky Way there may be between 200 and 400 billion stars (that’s a pretty big margin!) and then there are billions of other galaxies in space as well.
  • A space suit costs $12 million!
  • There could be a planet made out of diamonds. 55 Cancri e (a planet twice the size of Earth and eight times heavier) looks like it is made of graphite and diamond.
  • Remember those footprints on the moon? There’ll be there for another 100 million years! Makes mum’s reaction to mud on the kitchen floor seem a little over the top, huh?
  • If two pieces of the same type of metal touch in space (cold welding) they will stick together PERMANENTLY.
  • The largest asteroid (a dwarf planet named Ceres) is 965km wide and was discovered in 1801 between Mars and Jupiter.
  • The moon was once a part of Earth!
  • Mars is home to a volcano THREE TIMES THE SIZE of Mount Everest, Earth’s largest mountain!
  • Ever hear that saying ‘in space, no one can hear you scream?’. It’s true. It’s completely silent – there’s no atmosphere so sound can’t travel. Sounds like the perfect place to send annoying little sisters.
  • Halley’s Comet comes by every 75 or 76 years. We last saw it on Earth in 1986 so it should be back in 2061. Mark it in your calendar now!

Solar System For Kids – Got A Cool Fact To Add?

Know something AWESOME about space? Let us know! Add your super cool fact in the comments!

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