Seven year old anti-bullying activist on the ABC

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Alex the 7 year old Anti-Bullying Crusader Makes his Mark on the ABC

Families Magazine’s youngest contributor, seven year old Alex attracted the attention of the ABC with his efforts to get behind the Anti-Bullying movement.  Year three student Alex has joined the student council at his school with the goal of stamping out playground bullying and getting behind kids who have had negative experiences.

As part of the March 20th national campaign against bullying, Alex prepared a video to support those victimised by bullies.  This campaign has received national attention.  Alex’s video was picked up on social media by the Australian Broadcast Corporation and included in their reporting of the day.

Bullying is a core concern for parents and the team at Families Magazine.  If you or your child has experienced bullying, we’d love to hear more about it.  We’re #behindyou.

Read more on cyber bullying here and the issue of bully parents raising bullying kids here.

We’re so proud of Alex taking steps to make a difference and we’re proud to see him gaining recognition for his efforts.

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  1. Gail says:

    Go Alex! We need more of you around.

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