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Politics facts for kids! Government doesn’t have to be confusing and boring (despite what we often see of it on the news). Here are some quick facts that will help you get your head around the way our political system works. Easy peasey!

Politics Facts for Kids – How does our government work?

  • Australia is a representative democracy. This means that we vote for leaders to represent our interests in government.
  • Everyone over the age of 18 MUST vote. Some countries (like America) do not have mandatory voting but WE DO.
  • There are three levels of government in Australia. We vote for representatives at each of these levels.
  • The levels are: Local, State/Territory and Federal.

Politics Facts for Kids – Federal Government

  • Federal Government makes decisions to do with our whole nation.
  • The leader of the government is the Prime Minister.
  • There are two houses – the House of Representatives and the Senate.
  • Our constitution (the laws that make up our nation) says we have to have a federal election every three years.
  • The House of Representative is made up of people called MEMBERS. There are 150 of them and they each represent an electorate (voting area) in Australia.
  • People in the Senate are called senators. They represent an entire state or territory. There are 12 for every state and 2 for each territory. State senators can keep their jobs for six years and territory senators can have them for three.
  • Federal government looks after social security, industrial relations, foreign affairs, trade, immigration and protecting our country.

Politics Facts for Kids – State and territory government

  • There is a Parliament House in each state.
  • Every state parliament (except Queensland) is made up of two houses.
  • Members in this house are on the Legislative Assembly, House of Assembly or Legislative Council.
  • The leader of each state is called the Premier.
  • In the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory, there is only one house – Legislative Assembly.
  • The leader of each state is called the Chief Minister.
  • State government looks after consumer affairs, education, public transport and roads, health, consumer affairs and justice.

Politics Facts for Kids – Local government

  • These are usually called city council or shire council.
  • They look after the needs of a city or a local community.
  • Representatives at this level are called aldermen or counsillors.
  • The head of the council is called the Mayor or the Shire President.
  • Local government looks after local road maintenance, garbage collection, regulations and subdivisions, public health and local facilities like pools and libraries.

Basic facts about politics made easy!

Hopefully that helps! If you’ve got any questions about Australian politics let us know in the comments and we’ll see if we can add them in.


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