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nundah state school
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Considering Nundah State School for your family’s educational future? Read on to find out what discerning parents should know.

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Why Choose Nundah State School?

Nundah State School is a co-educational school for Prep to Year 6. The school challenges students to become resilient leaders and achieve excellence, while also showing kindness and becoming “the best me (they) can be”.

The school has made a significant investment in eLearning through infrastructure and learning devices. Coaching and mentoring are also an integral part of the teaching/learning model, as is the opportunity for parental involvement.

What curriculum and co-curricular activities are on offer at Nundah State School?

Nundah State School aligns with the Australian Curriculum in English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography. The curriculum builds personal and social capabilities through pro-social games and other strategies.

The curriculum schedule is customised so that English and Maths is taught each day and personal development is taught each week. The remainder of the timetable is structured to allow in-depth study of one or two complementary curriculum areas such as Digital technologies or Visual Arts and Science.

The school introduced the Reading to Learn Program in 2013 and has an individualised independent reading program which develops students’ reading fluency.
Students in Years 4-6 learn Japanese as part of the Languages Other Than English subject.

An Excellence Expo is held in Term 4 to showcase student work in English, the Arts and Technology.

Nundah State School also provides dance and drama classes for Prep to Year 4, and swimming for Prep to Year 6.

What facilities are at Nundah State School?

The school is transforming classrooms into contemporary learning spaces that use flexible furniture, colour, space and a seamless integration of digital tools and devices. The feature soft natural lighting, wet/dry carpet, choices in hard or soft seating and comfortable temperatures. The rooms have storage and space for displaying student work and aim to feel welcoming and homely while stimulating learning.



Address: 41 Bage Street, Nundah Queensland Australia

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