Seven Myths About Braces Exposed!

child needs braces
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We expose seven myths about braces with the help of our friends at Image Orthodontics.

Myths About Braces – What you didn’t know!

1. Myth: Orthodontic Treatment is just a cosmetic treatment to make teeth straight.

It’s true that the majority of patients and parents come to orthodontists to have straight teeth. The benefits, however, are FAR beyond the teeth! An orthodontist is a specialist with a comprehensive knowledge of the growth of face, airways, bite and teeth. The aim of orthodontic treatment is to create a stunning smile, an ideal bite and proportionate facial dimensions.

2. Myth: Kids can’t start treatment until they’ve got all their permanent teeth.

myths about braces

While most of the comprehensive orthodontic treatment starts at ages 11-13, The Australian Association of Orthodontists advises parents to take kids to an orthodontist between the ages of 7-10. Some patients can benefit from early treatment while they still have their baby teeth. As kids grow fast, some treatment can be aimed at improving the jaw relationship, reducing snoring and reducing crowding. You can find out more about kids braces in our reivew here.

3. Myth: I’m too old for orthodontic treatment!

A prevailing belief among many adults is that treatment is only for teenagers. An orthodontist is a specialist in creating an attractive smile and proper bite for every individual at EVERY age. Almost everyone at any age can receive orthodontic care and there are many invisible treatments available for adults. Currently 38% of patients at Image Orthodontics are between 19-56 and the older patient recently finished her treatment at age 78.

4. Myth: Braces must be on for two to three years.

Many orthodontic treatments can be finished in 6-12 months. In patients who have a good bite or skeletal balance, treatment can be finished in a matter of months.

5. Myth: Braces need to be adjusted every few weeks.

New technologies like custom made brackets or Invisalign have enabled orthodontists to see their patients much less often. Some patients are only seen every three months or so.

6. Myth: You can only get braces after wisdom teeth erupt.

child needs braces

This is a pretty widespread myth even among the dental profession. New research has shown that a properly executed orthodontic treatment along with a custom-made retainer would NOT be affected by the eruption of wisdom teeth.

7. Myth: You need thousands of dollars.

Many orthodontic corrections require simple appliances or braces just for one arch. These forms of treatment are much cheaper. There are always different interest-free payment plans to accommodate different budgets.

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