Mothers Day Craft Flower Card

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What you will need


  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Marker pen
  • Glue

What to do

  • Draw and cut out the pieces to make up your flower – seven petals, centre circle, stem and two leaves.


  • Lie your A4 piece of paper landscape and fold in half to make a card

You can choose to do this activity in many ways depending on the age/stage your child is at.

  1. You can present a free flowing, artistic, fine motor activity where the child creates a flower in any way they want and can place the pieces where they feel they need to go. In which case just hand them the card, pieces and the glue, stand back and watch the magic happen.



  1. You can create a wonderful cognitive, fine motor activity by adding numbers or sight words to each piece of your flower. We all know how tricky it can be to get young children to learn their numbers, shapes and sight words so a matching game combined with art is a fun, easy family learning activity.


  • Trace around your already cut out flower pieces on the front of your card to make a flower outline.
  • Write a number, word or shape on the traced flower outline on the card and the same number or word on the corresponding cut out shape
  • Place the card with the traced flower picture on the table and the pieces of the flower to be stuck on next to the card. You can muddle the pieces up to make it tricky or lay them out so the child can see the shape intended and just concentrate on matching.
  • Use the glue to put each piece in place
  • Write your Happy Mothers Days message on and draw some lovely pictures inside the card.


Either way you decide to do this activity its fun, easy and will create wonderful learning and conversation opportunities for you and your child.

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