Mixed Media Package – Print, Website & Social Media Advertising

Let us help you create a mixed media campaign talking to our families in our print magazine (20k+ hard copies), on our website (35k – 50k unique users) and on our social media channels.

In Print

Leverage our loyal readers to promote your Open Day and other events. Choose from 1/4 page, 1/3 page, 1/2 page or full page adverts.

See examples: Click here


+  Your School listed in our Schools’ Open Day ’round up’ in our February/March 2017 ‘Back to School’ issue


See example: Click here

On our website

Directory Entry – annual

Create or update your entry in our online directory for 2017. Complete with contact details and Google maps so our mobile users can navigate their way to your school easily.

See example: Click here


Sidebar on our website’s directory pages – annual

Ensure your school is seen ALL YEAR long with an annual sidebar on our website’s school directory. Visits to our online directory are very high with parents looking for schools, clubs & classes and birthday party options. Our ‘schools’ section of our directory is the most popular on our website (slot 2 and 3 of all our listings). Visits are very high with our online users spending over 1 minute on each school’s listing.


Social Media inclusions

Boosted Facebook Shout outs

Personalised Facebook post for your school, boosted to our highly engaged audience with a strong call to action to promote your Open Day or School event. We will report on the success of each post after the completion of the boost.

+ Multiple boosted Facebook post as part of our ongoing promotions to promote our online Schools’ Open Day table

These posts are automatically tweeted.

See example: Click here


E-newsletter inclusion

Hit our users inboxes by being part of our electronic direct marketing. Our eDM’s go out each fortnight.


Package Prices: 

1/4 page in 3 issues in 2017 + digital = $2, 295 + GST (value $2,600 + GST)

1/3 page in 3 issues in 2017 + digital = $2, 595 + GST (value $3, 035 + GST)

1/2 pages in 3 issues in 2017 + digital = $3, 095 + GST (value $3, 635 + GST)

Full pages in 3 issues in 2017 + digital = $4, 495 + GST (value $5, 135 + GST)

Or mix and match your sizes to suit your time frames and budgets – email us for a quote by clicking here.