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Me, Myselfie and I – Now at the GOMA Children’s Art Centre

Reflections and perceptions of self form the basis for the spectacular ‘Me, Myselfie and I” exhibit at the GOMA Children’s Art Centre. It’s a must-see for families from Brisbane and beyond. Here’s why you (and your selfie) simply MUST attend before it leaves us.

Me, Myselfie and I

me myselfie and i mirror

When you think of a self-portrait, what comes to mind?

Do you think of the old classics – the Rembrandts and the Picassos? Do you think of the charcoal attempts that you made in high school art class? Still, standard images of a blank face staring out of the campus. Hardly riveting to young minds.

me myselfie and i exhibit space

“Me, Myselfie and I”, by acclaimed international artists Wit Pimkanchanapong, Angela Tiatia, Ayaz Jokhio and Miloš Tomić, is a celebration of all things SELF for children of the digital age. This collective of artists from Australia and overseas have worked together to create a collaborative experience that speaks to how we see ourselves using a variety of mixed media (namely video and digital forms).

Me, Myselfie and I – The Experience

me myselfie and i drawing

The intention of “Me, Myselfie and I” is for participants to be guided through a number of experiences that evoke different responses to the idea of how emotions, responses to stimuli and personalities make up our understanding of ourselves.

It’s a true journey of self-exploration and, being in the GOMA Children’s Art Centre, it’s one that art lovers of any age are welcome to participate in. Children are invited to imagine, design and create their own self-portraits using the tools they’ve grown up with as digital natives.

me myselfie and i explore

Artists and Their Works

At “Me, Myselfie and I” you and your children will experience:

  • Photography. Wit Pimkanchanapong’s “I, you, we” lets your child work with a friend or a sibling to create a dual composite portrait. The intention of this work is to examine how the way we see ourselves is shaped by how we relate with those around us.
  • Observation. In “Looking Back”, Angela Tiatia challenges children about how they perceive and represent themselves. In “Catch Sight”, distorted mirrors (think old fun-house style!) are used as part of an experiment in making an abstract portrait. Both of these positions children to question the truth behind their self-perception and how space, time and place might warp or distort those ideas.
  • Perception. “99 Self Portraits” is an exhibit that younger children, in particular, will find very fun. The artist, Ayaz Hokhi, has replicated his image 99 times and challenges children to transform him using a variety of outfits. The intention of this particular work is to explore the way that clothing shapes both how we express ourselves and how others view us. From a child’s perspective, however, this is also a fun opportunity to play dress up and experiment with different costumes – in a digital form!
  • Sound. “My Pocket Orchestra” by Miloš Tomić explores the impact that sound and music have on our daily lives. Children are encouraged to be ‘mini Maestros’ and create their own soundscapes that are reflective of both their current mood and their over-arching personality.

me myselfie and i create

Key Facts Me, Myselfie & I:


  • Saturday 9 December 2017 – Sunday 22 April 2018


  • Open daily 10.00am – 5.00pm
  • Open from 12 noon Anzac Day
  • Closed Good Friday, Christmas and Boxing Day


  • Entry to both the Me, Myselfie & I exhibition and the Children’s Art Centre is FREE


Stanley Place, Cultural Precinct
South Bank, Brisbane
Queensland 4101, Australia

GOMA’s Children’s Art Centre

me myselfie and i boy drawing

The Children’s Art Centre at GOMA truly is an evocative, exciting place where children (and those who are young at heart) can thoughtfully engage with art works in order to immerse themselves into a different way of thinking. The intention behind the Children’s Art Centre is to open a door from Brisbane to the world through which children may run, dance and play their way into a world of creativitity and imagination.

Since 1998, GOMA and the Children’s Art Centre have collaborated with over 250 Australian and international artists. These include Tony Albert (Australia), Pierre Bismuth (France), Cai Guo-Qiang (China/US), Parastou Forouhar (Iran/Germany), Fiona Hall (Australia), Bharti Kher (UK/India), Yayoi Kusama (Japan), Richard Maloy (New Zealand) and Ugi Handoko Eko Saputro (Indonesia).

The Children’s Art Centre consistently run activities and programs designed to connect young people to the art world. From music performances to hands-on workshops and even the famous GOMA slide – it’s always a-buzz with creativity, wonder and laughter. Art galleries don’t have to be serious and stuffy – the presence of children brings a sense of delight and awe that we adults would do well to try and grasp for ourselves.

Make sure you attend GOMA to catch “Me, Myselfie and I” and that you keep an eye on their program year round to make the most of this wonderful artistic resource right on our doorstep!

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